Category: New Definitions of National Security

As the US Preps for a New President

At StratDem we look out at the security horizon and continue our attempt to develop “New Definitions of National Security” with an emphasis on bringing together “Environment Security with National Security”. Today we look at two key executive presidential actions in this regard, and a poll of American voters on likelihood of nuclear weapons use […]

Nuclear Brink / End of Times

Last week we wrote of President Obama and his National Security counsel as they prepared to leave office and leave behind the power of the White House to shape security policy. This week we continue on the theme of the president’s legacy and strategic nuclear risks by again considering My Journey at the Nuclear Brink […]

Blip on the Screen

Just a Blip on the Screen – a Doomsday Scenario — 3 Minutes to Midnight — End of Times|Armageddon|The Apocalypse — Is it Time to consider Environmental Security as Integral to National Security? Time to consider risks/impacts of next generation nuclear weapons deployment? Reciprocal escalation? Proliferation?