Demand for New Definitions of National Security

This week we revisit the paradigm StratDem proposes as an essential element of national security thinking — the necessity of a broader, deeper understanding of security and the integral connection between national security and global security. Our responsibility is to go beyond the conventional

Looking beyond the disarray within the White House as the first National Security Advisor resigns and multiple issues — from NATO to the US press described by the President as “an enemy of the people” in his first press conference, with daily headlines from the left- and right-leaning media all over the maps in their attempt to discern facts and falsehood — we come to energy, climate, and the larger challenges of securing environmental security.

The current attacks on science coming from the Republican ranks is a reminder of the influence of money-in-politics and how interest groups influence policy. Beyond the machinery of Washington politics however is a question again of facts and falsehood — and how a functioning democracy, a republic, needs informed decisions made with careful, balanced assessment of facts and good science.

Which brings us to the denial caucus in the US House of Representatives and, unfortunately for the future of the nation’s security, to the Committee on Science, Space and Technology.




Lamar Smith on Where to Find the “Unvarnished Truth”

“Better to get your news directly from the president,” Smith said. “In fact, it might be the only way to get the unvarnished truth.”

Via Vox — Let that sink in …


Stepping back to November 2015, as skirmishes turn to an uncivil war in the Science Committee


Via Vox — again …

“Top Science Committee Democrat expresses disgust and dismay at the committee chair’s behavior”
Strategic Demands associates at GreenPolicy360 for years have followed events within the House Science Committee and the increasingly strident attacks on science broadly and specifically NASA/NOAA and their Earth Science programs, as well as decades of missions from Landsat to GPS/GIS, from creating new industries to monitoring natural resources, weather, safety and more…

Now, we watch as future generations will also attempt to endeavor the ‘whys’ and ‘why nots’ today’s generation’s acted or chose not to act in defense of a comprehensive security.

Visit Earth and Space Politics at GreenPolicy360.

Watch video of Lamar Smith and, in the US Senate, Jim Inhofe.


Moving Away from National and Global Security

The House Science Committee in Action: Undercutting Security



Earth-facing satellite programs:

“Mission critical”… protecting national/global security


U.S. Congress/Science Committee’s ‘War on Science’ Escalates


2015/2016 Sets the Stage for 2017 under a Trump Administration

House Science Committee Guts Earth Sciences Budget

Anti-Science GOP ‘Eviscerates’ NASA Spending on Climate Change Research