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International Climate Summit Needs to Demand New Definitions of National Security

As Strategic Demands’ editor reflects on half a century of climate work, beginning with Rep. George E Brown-(D) East LA, key drafter of the first National Climate Act in 1978, the climate science message we advanced decades ago is now, at last, coming into the spotlight. But is it too late?

History of Earth Science with the Committee on Science, Space & Technology

History can play a critical role informing every generation’s decisions. Accurate, informed knowledge and intelligence can shape front-line decision-makers lives as they deal with everyday challenges. Larger challenges, even existential challenges — and crisis require best available intelligence. To illustrate, let’s look back at the origins of U.S. climate and earth science

Surviving Victory: Updated

A decade ago, Strategic Demands founders put together a unusual conference in Washington DC. Entitled “Surviving Victory”, an ominous look at the security horizon. The conference brought together one of our own, Roger Morris with his National Security Council and political historian experience, and experts such as Steve Clemons, Susan Rice, Pentagon expert Winslow Wheeler […]

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A New Nuclear Arsenal and Reflections on a President’s Last Days in Office

A decade ago your editor organized a policy conference in Washington DC with a group of national security experts that ranged from a former NSC senior staffer (and Kissinger aide who resigned in protest of the Cambodia invasion) Roger Morris to current National Security Advisor Susan Rice. The 2006 conference was inauspiciously called “Surviving Victory”

New Definitions of National Security @StratDem

  Strategic Demands of the 21st Century   The clock is ticking and for decades now we, the founders, strategists and activists from Strategic Demands and GreenPolicy360, have worked to put forward a new security vision, new ways of seeing, new definitions of national security. The mutual threats of global climate change and a renewed […]

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New Vision for a New World How can we, as communities and nations, work best to achieve national and global security? Strategic Demands offers new, forward-looking solutions to many of the most critical questions impacting our modern world. Today’s communications network, linked through an unprecedented global Internet, provides unprecedented opportunities politics and economics. Networked citizens […]