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Cruz, Christian Evangelicals and the American Conservative

The 2016 presidential race: There are Conservatives then there are right-wing Conservatives, those who brandish Christian religion, those who believe in an era where religion and politics is elevated with fervor and biblical text. This week’s presentation of the first candidate to declare for the Republican nomination is wrapped in religious appeal and ‘Dominionism‘

Strobe v Vladimir

What is the president of the Brookings Institute’s thinking for an “endgame”? The recent escalation of the Ukrainian conflict has been accompanied by an escalation at Brookings with its positions urging greater US military involvement. In a series of strongly worded statements directed toward Vladimir Putin, Strobe Talbott takes hard lines and pushes for “lethal […]

The Edge

Today’s Munich Security Conference has Europe on edge – as it should be. The name of the Ukraine derives from Ukraina (оукраина) the “borderland”, from the Proto-Slavic krajь, meaning the “edge”, and the internal war in Ukraine threatens to become the edge of a wider war – a Cold War 2.0

Cyber Futures — Into the Cloud

Strategic Demands weekly series focusing on growth of the global Internet and the repercussions and consequences of surveillance state operations … StratDem looks at the Deep Net and myriad Intranets, the Mobile/Wireless Net, the tools/devices connecting to the Net, all impacted by ubiquitous surveillance, and we consider the Digital Rights and Open Data movement.

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