Snapshot of Nuclear Arms Race 3.0

Strategic Demands associate, GreenPolicy360, recently posted a ‘snapshot’ look at what the US National Nuclear Security Administration (NNSA) was revealing in the US budget for next gen nuclear weapons. The public interest group Los Alamos Study Group strongly commented. It’s long overdue to challenge how/what/where/why a ‘Nuclear Arms Race 3.0‘ is accelerating


Continuing StratDem’s tracking of a Nuclear Arms Race 3.0



On Nuclear Weapons


“Inside the $1.5-Trillion Nuclear Weapons Program You’ve Never Heard Of”


Links and comments via the Los Alamos Study Group and GreenPolicy360:





B61-12 LEP carried by the F-35 Lightning II and the B-2 stealth bomber


W80-4 LEP


W87-1 Mod


W88 Alt 370


W93 Program




Nuclear Arms Race – Versions

Nuclear Arms Race 3.0 is now beyond dangerous

Strategic Demands’ 1.0 to 3.0 Nuclear Arms Race classification

The following provides a development chronology of the ‘Cold War’ and ‘Nuclear Arms Race’.

From Trinity Site beginnings in a desert called Jornada del Muerto in New Mexico, near ‘the National Lab’ in Los Alamos that was the ‘birthplace of the Bomb’ until today, were a new, increasingly dangerous era of nuclear proliferation. The world looks on…


Arms Race 1.0 — The origins of the nuclear arms race, as predicted by many, began with the test of the Soviet Union’s first nuclear weapon in 1949. This era last through the 1950s and development of thermonuclear weapons, testing, and ended with the confrontation and near-use of nuclear weapons between the United States and Soviet Union during the October 1962 Cuban Missile Crisis.

Arms Race 2.0 — The imminent demise of 1962 prevented by a Kennedy-Khrushchev agreement, led to a series of agreements to draw down, over years, each countries nuclear weapons arsenals. From the mid-1960s ti the late 1990s, a profound number of nuclear and weapons of mass destruction treaties/agreements were signed. Thousands of nuclear weapons were by treaty taken out of the US and Soviet (Russian) arsenals, many of them were the most lethal, largest city- and region-destroying weapons that scientists were predicting would bring on global devastation and nuclear winter. This era of nuclear development, which included a brief opportunity for a ‘peace dividend‘  and further nuclear drawdown after Soviet Union became the Russian Federation, came to a close in 2001 with war in the Mideast/Near East with the announcement of the US Bush Doctrine memorializing ‘right’ of first strike, preemptive war.

Arms Race 3.0 — Announced ‘modernization’ of US nuclear weapons systems has, as Strategic Demands presents, led to a collapse of nuclear weapons treaties and weapons systems drawdown. The current era presents collapse of monitor and verification treaties. The rapid scaling up of nuclear weapons and delivery systems by the People’s Republic of China/CCP and nuclear weapon holding countries including North Korea, India, Pakistan, Israel is occurring in a backdrop of war and increasing risks of use. The Russia-Ukraine war has brought a resurgent NATO-EU policy with ‘full-dimension’ air/land/sea warfare supported by US deployments of nuclear weapon delivery platforms, including — B-15/B-2/B-52/F-35 ‘strike forces’ and various iterations of cruise missiles and tactical nuclear weapons. Russia and China have drawn closer. Mutual security, ‘entangling alliances’, emerging threats and risks of miscalculation, mistake, or misjudgment, bringing on a nuclear exchange, are all too real.