Author: Strategic Demands Online

The Button, Bolton & Trump

A John Bolton interview. Another warning about command and control of nuclear weapons presents itself. A series of threats, abandoned arms agreements, collapsed diplomacy, escalations and provocations emanate daily in the news. How often, over the years, do we have to be warned of ‘erratic’ decisions delivering catastrophic consequences

The 1033 Program, What’s It For?

‘Repurposed from the battlefield’ describes how US war equipment is transferred for use by local US police departments. The Pentagon’s 1033 program expedites these transfers of military weaponry to over 8000 law enforcement related agencies. The program was substantially expanded by President Trump in August 2017

The Wars Come Home

The costs of decades of war are rarely considered in full dimension. These costs are brought home by every soldier, hundreds of thousands diagnosed with post traumatic syndrome, the grievously wounded, the angry and the bitter… then there’s the war brought home, the ‘stuff of war’ we can now begin to see on the streets

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