Author: Strategic Demands Online

Last Days at the White House

Every day comes news and new revelations of presidential planning that may or may not be true. Presidential claims of ‘fraud’ and a ‘stolen election’ escalate. Today the Washington Post reported the tracking database of ‘false and misleading claims’ of the U.S. president has reached 25,653. Now comes the hack…

December Surprise?

As the U.S. President continues to tweet that he has “WON THE ELECTION!” and refuses to concede his defeat,  questions are being asked about the president’s singular authority to order unilateral military action between now and Inauguration day. One decision looms large, war against Iran…

A Legacy of Disaster and Retreat

Today, in one of U.S. President Trump’s 51,282 tweet to his (as of today) 79,517,737 Twitter followers, the president attempted to rescind his acknowledgement yesterday that Joe Biden won the 2020 election. Again claiming the November election was ‘rigged’, the president’s attack on the election is a spectacle of denial and threats

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