Indictment of Ex-President Trump

The United States of America versus Donald J. Trump, defendant

August 1, 2023: The former president has been charged with grave federal crimes by the US Department of Justice — attempting to block the outcome of the 2020 US election for president… attempting to defraud the people of the United States and the democratic republic

One notable attorney puts the profound news this way: Read the Indictment.

The seriousness of the charges bring democracy and future of democracy into crisis and the charges, the multiple counts in the Indictment of the former president now go beyond the courtroom, bringing responsibilities to all. The US is entering uncharted ground here.

The coming years, beginning with a forthcoming series of legal and political battles across all US communities, states, across to families and individuals, will tell a tale of an American future.

Reading the Indictment, released auspiciously on August first, is a first step that can be ‘strategically demanded’ as the nation now goes into a prolonged next level of conflict brought on both dramatically and legally with the January 6th, 2021, assault on the US Capitol.

There comes a time to turn to what is being presented solemnly now, words, facts, evidence, law… The path ahead is perilous, but necessary to travail.


Read the Indictment here

”Set aside an hour or two, or find ten minutes here and there over the course of the next week. You’ll understand it better if you read it for yourself. The indictment is written in a manner that makes it clear prosecutors wanted it to be comprehensible to anyone who wanted to read it.”


Watch and Read the Statement of US Department of Justice, Special Counsel Jack Smith, August 1, 2023



Strategic Demands is posting below a series of ‘thought pieces’ on the state of, and challenges to, US democracy. We recommend reading and considering reasoned thoughts across the political spectrum.

We begin here, with Peter Baker, a family man who has ‘been around politics’ for many years and brings perspective with his opinion:


Trump’s Case Has Broad Implications for American Democracy

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Trump has been indicted before. Historians say this time is different

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Trump indicted on charges out of Special Counsel probe into Jan. 6

This is the second federal indictment Trump faces out of Special Counsel Jack Smith’s investigation

Via Fox News



Trump Jan. 6 charges will be the most important case in U.S. history

By Richard L. Hasen

Via Slate


The federal indictment just handed down by special counsel Jack Smith is not only the most important indictment by far of former President Donald Trump. It is perhaps the most important indictment ever handed down to safeguard American democracy and the rule of law in any U.S. court against anyone.


Trump’s Offense Against Democracy Itself

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