Now Is the Time to Advance ‘New Definitions of National Security’

Strategic Demands in association with its partner site GreenPolicy360 have advanced a new vision of national security, one that is forward-looking and comprehensive. Join with us to bring “New Definitions of National Security” into security discussion, debate and democratic decision making. Now is a propitious time to act…


Environmental Security ↔ National Security

National Security: Enhanced via Environmental Security

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February 2021

The Biden Administration: Opportunity for a Profound Shift in U.S. Security Policy


Now comes a moment when a comprehensive redefinition of U.S. national (and global) security is now being envisioned.

GreenPolicy360’s point of view on the strategic demand for a new 21st century vision is taking place. The new U.S. Biden administration with governing leadership, executive orders, and promised follow-on legislative actions, is making a strong push to redefine real security. New definitions, new vision, operational multi-front action is ‘in the works’…



Executive Orders out of the starting gate




”Section 101. Policy. United States international engagement to address climate change — which has become a climate crisis — is more necessary and urgent than ever. The scientific community has made clear that the scale and speed of necessary action is greater than previously believed. There is little time left to avoid setting the world on a dangerous, potentially catastrophic, climate trajectory. Responding to the climate crisis will require both significant short-term global reductions in greenhouse gas emissions and net-zero global emissions by mid-century or before.”

”It is the policy of my Administration that climate considerations shall be an essential element of United States foreign policy and national security. The United States will work with other countries and partners, both bilaterally and multilaterally, to put the world on a sustainable climate pathway. The United States will also move quickly to build resilience, both at home and abroad, against the impacts of climate change that are already manifest and will continue to intensify according to current trajectories.”

”Sec. 102. Purpose. This order builds on and reaffirms actions my Administration has already taken to place the climate crisis at the forefront of this Nation’s foreign policy and national security planning…”


Full Text on Biden’s Climate Crisis Security Policy Order


Climate change ….. “an existential threat”…



Michael E. Mann begins to capture the moment in a USA Today opinion:


”Now, Biden is gathering his council to assess the current and future dangers in this fight, including all 17 intelligence agencies; a general on the international front, John Kerry, who will also have a seat on the National Security Council and will direct our diplomatic efforts abroad; and another general on the domestic front, former Environmental Protection Agency administrator Gina McCarthy, who will coordinate climate action in the homeland.”



And —

with the extension of New START, next up is addressing the nuclear arms race:




Nuclear Weapons … “an existential threat”…