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“Surviving Victory

New Definitions of National Security / @StratDem


The “Surviving Victory” Conference in Washington DC was a founding initiative of Strategic Demands.
Strategic Demands of the 21st Century“, written by Roger Morris and Steven Schmidt, introduced and New Definitions of National & Global Security. #StratDem 


New Definitions of National Security

Strategic Demands: A New Vision for a New World


New Definitions of Security @StratDem


Strategic Demands of the 21st Century: A New Vision for a New World

by Roger Morris & Steven Schmidt


“Roger Morris and Steve Schmidt evoke history, envision political alternatives and offer a provocative reappraisal of national security policy in a swiftly changing world…”


Morris-Schmidt: The moment requires bold innovative approaches to our interests and responsibilities on a drastically changed, swiftly changing planet. What we see as essential to a wide-ranging democratic discussion and debate is a new strategic discourse, addressing causes as well as effects. We must look ahead, envision and plan without illusion or compromising influence, recognize new realities, tell unpopular truths, put the national interest ahead of office, educate and act…




In 2005, Roger Morris and Steven Schmidt, continuing their collaboration, wrote Strategic Demands of the 21st Century: a New Vision for a New World. This “Security Brief” looked at key strategic decisions over the past two decades by US policy-makers — and envisioned alternative policies to reshape the post Cold War world.


At the “Surviving Victory” Conference in Washington D.C. in 2006, participants included Susan Rice who went on to become President Obama’s U.S. national security advisor, Winslow Wheeler, who presented at our request a ‘comprehensive’ overview of the US Defense Budget, and Steve Clemons who continues exceptional independent work in the field of national and international security affairs.



Strategic Demands and GreenPolicy360 join in developing “New Definitions of National and Global Security.”

Welcome to our work-in-progress and our ‘eOS outreach’ to a fast developing worldwide web and globally connected community.

As new security threats arise, and are recognized extending far beyond national borders, a new 21st century vision becomes a strategic necessity.

In a larger sense, ‘security is indivisible.’ Security policy works best when it is sustainable and lasting. Wars that produce ‘blowback’ and reverberate generation-to-generation fail to deliver effective geopolitical, enduring solutions.

Larger, global threats — climate change, disrupted economics, suppressed quality of life — are here, now, and on the horizon. These threats extend far beyond solutions offered by hard power and ultimate hard power, nuclear weapons. A calculus of war and new nuclear arms race is no path to pursue with hubris, ignoring sands of time and a veritable hourglass set before us.

“Surviving Victory” means changing strategies when orthodox strategies of victory have failed and continue to fail. Today’s U.S. record of failed wars, “perpetual war”, and devastating costs of war, deep costs of war, must come to an end.

As nations across the planet confront an array of unprecedented, existential threats, Strategic Demands looks forward to new, values-based, realistic politics. Now is time for open-eyed vision.


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R. Morris at New Definitions of National Security Conference


sjs after DC conf

S. Schmidt at the New Definitions of
National Security Conference


Mideast woes alarm U.S. experts – UPI / September 22, 2006





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National Security Brief | Number One



Strategic Demands_policy paper RPM-SJS



Strategic Demands of the 21st Century / Full Text





Fifty + years after unprecedented demonstrations for peace in the US in 1969, a PBS public broadcasting special reveals that Richard Nixon and Henry Kissinger planned to use nuclear weapons in Vietnam, but were dissuaded by the ‘power of protest’…

Regional nuclear war triggering global nuclear nuclear war and cataclysm was avoided, barely. Today, the threats of nuclear disaster continue on, a tragedy the next generation now is inheriting and we must continue to act to avoid.

Strategic Demands speaks of a Cold War 2.0, Nuclear Arms Race 3.0, of the ‘singular authority‘ of a president to order the launch of nuclear war… The alarm is raised, a clarion call. Turn, turn, turn. Before it’s too late to turn… turn away from nuclear weapons.


Surviving Victory: Updated




Watch the PBS 2023 Documentary — The Movement and the ‘Madman’

Scenes from the Documentary here —





‘American Experience’ — memories of Nixon-Kissinger, National Security Council, the Vietnam Moratorium peace movement and ‘near-nuclear use’ revealed in the PBS special event  documentary, March 2023