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Established in association with GreenPolicy360, Strategic Demands offers the new century a forward-looking vision with solutions to many of the most critical generational questions.

Our perspective is a Generation Green perspective. We add deep experience in politics, science, and interactive media.

Today’s communications network, linking humanity through an unprecedented global Internet, is providing unprecedented opportunities, politics and economics. Strategic Demands, in association with GreenPolicy360 and an online global eOS (eco Operating System), is delivering community-to-community perspectives and solutions throughout a connected new world.

Networked citizens are, as a matter of cross-border communication, becoming citizens of nations *and* global citizens. Strategic Demands envisions this new communications reality within an arc of history.

As Hannah Arendt explores in her book, “The Human Condition“, humanity in today’s world takes up ‘vita contemplativa‘ and ‘vita activa‘. We go further to explore a life of contemplation that continues on, informing action. We can act effectively, and ethically to shape our world.

Each of us can make a positive difference stepping up as Planet Citizens.


A New vision of the 21st Century




Against a backdrop of a digital age, our inter-connected world is ripe with possibilities and potential, but weighed down with ‘old ways’ of seeking security. Costs of conflict and war continue to haunt us even as voices among all nations call for a transformation in thinking about how to achieve real, lasting security. Old threats and new security threats face us. Creative, new solutions are a necessity.

Strategic Demands and its associate GreenPolicy360 are working together to envision 21st Century New Definitions of National and Global Security. Profound new security challenges must be recognized. The #ClimateCrisis must be ‘top of mind.’ Cyber conflict, disinformation, digital rights and digital responsibilities, privacy rights, vast databases compiling personal information are challenges to security. Warnings are being sounded, dire scenarios being written. Existential threats of a new nuclear weapons race and a rising climate crisis are reality, threats to ‘the commons’ are ignored amid daily personal, family, community and national challenges.

Will we, as connected citizens with mutual interests and quests for quality of life, be capable of pivoting, of pivoting from the old ways and stepping up with new strategies and tactics, new policies and solutions, to face the array of old and new threats?



Strategic Demands / StratDem

Our Mission, a New Vision of Security

Strategic Demands was established to develop “New Definitions of National Security”. Our goal is bringing together independent perspectives, to reach out and go beyond conventional thinking. to expand the national and global security debate.

As a U.S. based initiative, we are venturing beyond the current Washington DC/New York/Boston corridor of policy think tanks limited in its politics, caught up in competition for influence and positions under U.S. Democrat and Republican administrations.

Our perspective offers independence, and draws from thinkers both left and right, Democrat and Republican, as well as major-minor parties such as the Greens and Libertarians.

Strategic Demands and its association with GreenPolicy360 look toward independent thought. We see trendlines — several decades of polls indicating U.S. voters have increasingly self-identified as “Independent”, neither Democrat or Republican. Over 40% of Americans now identify themselves as “Independent”.



In the U.S., both major parties have dropped below 30% in voter affiliation. Dissension is high, democracy is widely acknowledged to be in near crisis. Congress continues with standoffs between the parties as few serious policies find bipartisan support. As the story continues, we witnessed in 2020 a Trump presidency refuse to acknowledge electoral defeat. The ex-president is seen as instrumental in an assault by extreme partisans in a January 2021 assault on the U.S. Congress in an attempt to stop the certification of election results.

Amid escalated rhetoric, tensions and political attacks that continue unabated, we see global challenges that must be addressed go unaddressed. The world doesn’t stop as the U.S. politically implodes.

Across the world, crisis expands. A new global disease, pandemic rages. Regional wars flare and across the Middle East and Near East the results of decades of U.S war continue. Millions of migrants flee across the region as nations collapse and reactions in Europe with new nationalism follows. The U.S. looks to leave Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, and avoid failed policy, although its some 800 military bases across the globe remain a work of hegemony. Overextended with trillions in war-related costs and blowback from failed wars, the U.S. foreign policy now must bring a new ‘threat assessment’ as a new Cold War, nuclear arms race breaks out and relations deteriorate with Russia, China and countries who have reacted to an “America First” Trump presidency.


Estimates of $6 trillion+ having been spent on U.S. wars since the beginning of the first Iraq war reveals only part of the cost in U.S. blood and treasure, as opportunity costs rise. The loss of investment ‘at home’, in economic development in the U.S., has led to deteriorated infrastructure, loss of jobs, hardened politics. In a previous political era it might be said that the U.S. ‘tooks its eye off the ball’ and struck out as a result. The sports analogy from the world of competition is not far removed from the reality.

National and global challenges, domestic and cross-border needs, health and environmental crises continue to be set aside as nations find themselves constrained by narrowed interests and ‘old ways’ of seeing threats.

The new threats are here and now led by two overarching strategic questions — how to immediately and comprehensively deal with the climate crisis and how to halt nuclear weapons proliferation. The world is getting hotter, the atmosphere hotter, land and oceans hotter, the nuclear weapons threat hotter.

A new “eco-nomics” and awareness is needed, new strategies to face global threats to all nations must be sought and put into concerted action campaigns.




21st century security strategies to confront unprecedented existential threats

Strategic Demands looks to the ‘big picture’, how we see the world and how we connect as digital citizens.

When we’re online, we are shaping politics, government, and transactional markets — while governments watch and commercial interests monitor our metrics, patterns, and behavior. Billions of individuals are connected today as never before — a future shaped by networked citizens, Netizens — citizens of nations and ‘citizens of the planet.’ A global and local, national and interconnected worldview is possible and achievable.

Ours is a more complicated world, even as it is a more connected world.

After decades of war and debilitating failed militarism, Strategic Demands speaks of civil liberties and civil rights, an expanding rights agenda and an integral security that joins the nations and peoples of the world in common cause.



A vision of freedom, amid shadows and dimming light, we aspire to attain liberty and increasing rights. A better world is possible for all peoples and nations.

The time has come again to move beyond failed policies of the past. As an interconnected mutl-ethnic, multi-national world of diverse people and ideas we have opportunities through networked communication that previous generations did not have as they looked out at their world.

Today, initiatives that light up one community on one continent can become, via the Internet, a model for similar initiatives in communities globally. Forward-looking ideas and policies can be shared across borders.

It is time for sharing our best ideas, best ideas for all people and nations. It is time for new visions of security.




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Steven Schmidt

Editor Strategic Demands


Siterunner GreenPolicy360



Origins of #StrategicDemands


Strategic Demands connect deeply with the work of GreenPolicy360. The intersection began in the 1960s, with a newly elected Congressman, George E. Brown from East Los Angeles. George and a young high school debater set in motion a multi-year journey to develop climate/environmental science, generational activism and strong, deep opposition to nuclear weapons.


George E. Brown (1920-1999) – Mentor/Friend/Colleague






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Representative George E. Brown (D-Calif)




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