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Bill Nelson, Administrator of NASA, 2023


ClimatePolicy360 Action Plans

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GreenPolicy360: Climate Plans Enforcement Initiative

Methods to Enforce Climate Plan Pledges

Pressuring Nations to Step Up, Cooperate, and Act Now

Environmental Laws, Regulations & Rules… Lawsuits & Legal Actions

Glasgow (2021) & Paris (2015) Summits: Int’l Climate Plan Pledges & Promises (INDCs-NDCs)








Imminent Threats, Near-term, Long-term

International Climate Cooperation Lost Under the Trump Administration

New Nuclear Arms Race as Nuclear Weapons Treaties Collapse





Overarching #StrategicDemands

“New Definitions of National Security” @ StrategicDemands & GreenPolicy360

Strategic Connections — National Security & Environmental Security


New Definitions of National Security @StratDem




Earth Science Missions in Space

Global Environmental Security

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“New Space” w/ participation of Planet Citizens, Planet Scientists around the world


Planet Citizens / 360 Perspective




Military and Climate Security Budgets

A Comparison




“The federal government hasn’t produced a climate security budget since 2013.”

“In Combat vs. Climate, the Institute for Policy Studies provides an assessment of a climate change security budget, drawing data from multiple agencies.” 



Center for Climate & Security


On the Record: Climate as a Security Risk

Geopolitical Friction over Oil/Gas Resources Adds New Risks to Volatile Change


Environmental Security/National Security


INDC signings_175 countries on Earth Day 2016


Environmental Issues: Responding to Conflicts


Environment, Conflict, and Cooperation Factbook/Intro

Interactive knowledge platform for policymakers and the public to discuss ideas, research, and practical experiences on climate change and conflict.


Eurostat data_
Eurostat data

Refugees 65 million - 2016 UN report




Global Security Issues: Cooperation


Paris Agreement

Climate Agreement Signing at the United Nations


Climate Action Plans

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Paris Climate Agreement Tracker / CAIT Climate Data Explorer



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The Trump Administration Moves to Deeply Cut NASA/NOAA/EPA



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Fundamental Security Questions

Advancing Earth-Research from Space

NASA Earth science from space_May2015

National Security ≡ Environmental Security


A 21st Century Challenge / Strategic Demands, in association with GreenPolicy360, addresses National Security as integral to environmental security. Our work focuses on three strategic currents:


      • Environmental Security — enabled by the developing global Internet — connecting and bringing together online “netizens”, science and political ideas; re-defining security concepts and goals
      • Environmental Security — an interdisciplinary scientific venture — challenging traditional disciplines;  addressing climate change/global warming, biosphere sustainability, and related threat environments; demanding solutions across national borders
      • Environmental Security — integrally connected to Earth exploration — creating next generation Earth Science with advanced technology, Earth systems observation, monitoring and data analysis; NASA and European Space Agency coordinated research; “New Space” companies and Planet APIs, space-earth ventures and open data sharing… new definitions of security, new best business practices, new concepts of national/global citizenship.


PlanetCitizen > PlanetCitizens > Planet Citizens, Planet Scientists


Strategic Demands urges Earth monitoring science be ‘rapidly deployed’ to evaluate and provide policy recommendations for essential national and global Environmental Security.

Recent scientific studies have identified a widening range of threats, and threat multipliers. The threat horizon extends across national borders, connecting countries with mutual security interests. ‘Existential’ questions have become a first-order, actionable priority.

#EarthScience from space should have a distinctly critical role in security policy. A shift of emphasis from first-generation command-and-control military and communication applications in space is in process, as demonstrated by newly launched earth-facing programs, earth resource baselines, and acquiring data for #biosphere monitoring and wide-spectrum Environmental Security assessments.


Global Security / “Thin Blue”



Thin Blue & Env Security

From Strategic Demand’s associate — GreenPolicy360


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An Overview



360° POV

A “thin layer of atmosphere…”

“Razor thin” / A Thin Blue Layer / #ThinBlue


Update: May 2015 / Severe Cuts to NASA Earth Science programs proposed

As an unprecedented array of earth monitoring satellites are launched, a Republican faction of the US Congress moves to undercut vitally important national security work of NASA

A phenomenally productive year --- https://www.jpl.nasa.gov/news/news.php?feature=4495 Over the past 12 months NASA has added five missions to its orbiting Earth-observing fleet - the biggest one-year increase in more than a decade....



“A phenomenally productive year”NASA-JPL News

“Over the past 12 months NASA has added five missions to its orbiting Earth-observing fleet – the biggest one-year increase in more than a decade…”

 “Strategic, global security missions”


NASA Earth Now / NASA Climate / https://climate.nasa.gov/scientific-consensus/

NASA opens a new era in its exploration of our home planet with the launch of the first in a series of #EarthScience instruments to the International Space Station.


New earth-observing array of instruments will be ”exterior mounted” on the #ISS. ISS-RapidScat will monitor ocean winds for climate research, weather predictions and hurricane monitoring. The second instrument, the laser Cloud-Aerosol Transport System (CATS), will measure clouds and location and distribution of pollution, dust, smoke, and other particulates in the atmosphere.  #RapidScat  #ISS Climate Mission  #EarthRightNow


OCO-2 Orbiting Carbon Observatory continues on its historic mission

What monitoring a potential existential crisis looks like … OCO-2

Earth observing satellites



OCO-2 with ‘A-Train’ courtesy of NASA




Environmental Security / Earth Science

Strategic Demands envisions Environmental Security as an integral, essential security concern within the multi-trillion dollar funded traditional fields of national security.

Classic military doctrines are now challenged by a new foe, a foe that is neither a rival nation, ideology, or asymmetrical force. This new threat on the horizon challenges all nations and all people. This threat requires new ways of seeing, new ways of gathering intelligence, whether signals (SIGINT), electronic (ELINT), and/or human (HUMINT). The threats are human-caused and naturally occurring and require new spectra of strategic solutions, local and global tactics, coordinated actions and a yet-to-be-developed revision of classical economic thought.

In this security policy endeavor, Strategic Demands is developing new definitions of national security“, global and local security. We see an integrated system requiring integral ecology. Our background urges a vision that comes from an understanding of #Earth360 concerns, even as we face and speak to the quotidian realities of geo-politics and on-the-ground conflict and strategic needs.


ln alignment with our Environmental and National Security initiatives, StratDem supports the following think-tanks and organizations in their work to define, support, enhance and extend the developing field of Environmental Security


Center for Climate & Security

Institute for Environmental Diplomacy and Security

Institute for Environmental Security

Millenium Project

Sustainable Security
(TW) https://twitter.com/SustainableSec

Truman National Security Project (Clean Energy Campaign)

Wilson Center – Environmental Change and Security Program  /  Wilson New Security Updates





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New Definitions of National & Global Security










Global Average Temperatures_1880-2016Global CO2 Emissions_1900-2010



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