Henry Kissinger Dead

Henry Kissinger, Failed Diplomat, US National Security Adviser, Secretary of State, Corporate Consultant Dies

100 Years Old

November 30, 2023


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The death of Henry Kissinger, announced today by news media worldwide, carries the story of empire and empire lost.

The man called “Kissinger” personified the ambition and power of the United States at its apex. The long career of this famed advisor also witnessed decades of failed wars, millions of war-related deaths, human rights abuses, and widely acknowledged loss of “the moral authority” of the United States.

Kissinger reigned almost as ‘Hollywood star’, speaking with his German accent, accompanying President Nixon at his side, and speaking of raw power, hard power, an American military that was unmatched in its capabilities.

With the passage of Kissinger from history’s stage, today’s generation in the U.S. faces choices to either repeat failures he pushed for decades or to choose an alternative path forward.



“Surviving Victory”

Strategic Demands reminds of the Costs of War

The Legacy of Failed Wars, the Depth of Losses and the ‘Blowback’ Is Incalculable


Strategic Demands’ view of the death of Henry Kissinger is to remind the world of how close we came due to Kissinger — and recent revelations of his nuclear counsel to President Nixon — to using nuclear weapons during the Vietnam war.

Roger Morris, formerly on the National Security Council, who co-wrote a founding Security Brief with Strategic Demands shortly after the U.S. invasion of Iraq, was one of those on the NSC who, recently, told investigative journalists and documentary producers the story.

The up close and personal knowledge of Morris-Halperin-Lake and other NSCers during the Nixon-Kissinger era, as Roger Morris recalled being there with Kissinger and Nixon, is a story in itself, and object of books and historians’ accounts.

Now, again, it is time to tell the story of “the nukes” that Kissinger-Nixon intended and prepared to order used against North Vietnam to force capitulation.

The recent airing of a Public Broadcasting System (PBS) documentary revealed this fact. It was only nationwide peace demonstrations, a political counterforce reality presented by the Vietnam Moratorium that stopped the Nixon-Kissinger plan.

The announced death of Kissinger acts to remind us the millions who died as a result of his ‘advice’ and the millions more would have died, and generational impact beyond disastrous if the Nixon-Kissinger plan had delivered ‘the Bomb’.

On-the-ground reality today, nuclear proliferation and nuclear catastrophe, would be much different and much closer… it was close to a done deal as Henry Kissinger,  there in the White House, was whispering in Nixon’s ear.


The Movement and the ‘Madman’


The Vietnam Moratorium mobilization of October-November 1969 is revealed to have politically influenced and stopped US President Nixon from using nuclear weapons

The documentary film tells the story of a dramatic showdown between a protest movement and a president











The Movement & the Madman…