The Temps, The Temps, They Are Rising

Between and during disastrous wars raging with staggering loss of lives and geopolitical moves for land, control, power, religion, there is this… Record tropospheric temperature rise and record sea surface temperature rise. Earth Science is pulsing ‘danger, danger, danger’…

Yet the data, intel, warning signals of environmental disasters flashing like ICU room alarms monitoring Vital Signs are lost amid the diversion of war. The deeper costs of war are adding up as the physics of Earth System Dynamics continue doing what the laws of physics demand in the natural world… forcing change system-wide.

Change is in the wind, change is on land and in the seas. The signs being displayed by a Living Earth deserve emergency response and treatment.

The US must pivot and pivot soon. Away from perpetual war, supporting/sponsoring wars that continue to fail. The ‘moral authority’ and relationships of the US among nations has been profoundly undercut and must be re-purposed.

A renewed US State Department role would be a starting point. Negotiations and mutual security agreements must be envisioned proposed, agreed to and reinforced.

Strategic Demands and its associate, GreenPolicy360 point to New Definitions of National Security. Beyond the dis- and misinformation, the propaganda that attends to war, and the hard power of war, the possibility of mutual security should be a goal. Politics by other means. Ceasefires, conditional alliances, higher purposes. Brokered treaties and international support must come into view as real solutions. The time demands comprehensive solutions.

Challenges that threaten all nations and people, threats to life supporting ‘vital signs’, must responded to and treated, now. It’s ‘ICU time’.


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