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Doomsday Machine

Published 2017   Strategic Demands Editor, Steven Schmidt: It is time to recall my memories of Dan Ellsberg of nearly 50 years ago… From a nondescript building in Santa Monica to a house on the beach in Malibu, from a basketball court in Pacific Palisades to a Parade editor’s tennis court on Sunset Boulevard… My […]

StratDem’s Editor

Strategic Demands Editor, Steven Schmidt Strategic Demands was established to develop “New Definitions of National Security”. Our goal is bringing together independent perspectives, to reach out and go beyond conventional thinking, to expand the national and global security debate.   Look at how thin our Atmosphere Is   Origins of The foundations of […]

Surviving Victory: From the Archive

  “Surviving Victory“ New Definitions of National Security / @StratDem   The “Surviving Victory” Conference in Washington DC was a founding initiative of Strategic Demands. “Strategic Demands of the 21st Century“, written by Roger Morris and Steven Schmidt, introduced and New Definitions of National & Global Security. #StratDem    […]

A New Nuclear Arsenal and Reflections on a President’s Last Days in Office

A decade ago your editor organized a policy conference in Washington DC with a group of national security experts that ranged from a former NSC senior staffer (and Kissinger aide who resigned in protest of the Cambodia invasion) Roger Morris to current National Security Advisor Susan Rice. The 2006 conference was inauspiciously called “Surviving Victory”

About Strategic Demands   Established in association with GreenPolicy360, Strategic Demands offers the new century a forward-looking vision with solutions to many of the most critical generational questions. Our perspective is a Generation Green perspective. We add deep experience in politics, science, and interactive media. Today’s communications network, linking humanity through an unprecedented global Internet, is providing […]