Eyes On the Global Security Threat

This is no time for equivocation. The ‘West v East’ war (not “special operation” as Russia calls their invasion of Ukraine) is a tragedy. The Putin decision to invade Ukraine is disastrous — humanly, strategically, morally, politically — and for year to come will be seen for what it is — a preventable disaster

What few are writing among gruesome headlines of civilian deaths and destruction in daily news of war is the retreat on a wider front against another threat that grows worse as the nations of the world take their eyes of this ‘other’ threat.

Recent international reports that Strategic Demands’ associate, GreenPolicy360, documented here as it calls for ‘climate plans enforcement’ gives some breadth and depth to our global security crisis.

António Guterres, the head of the United Nations speaks of a “litany of broken climate promises” as he sees “backsliding” across the nations of the world.



António Guterres / Washington Post

Opinion: Amid backsliding on climate, the renewables effort now must be tripled

April 4, 2022 | https://www.washingtonpost.com/opinions/2022/04/04/new-ipcc-climate-report-on-averting-catastrophe/


StratDem: The past two climate summits, in Paris in 2015 and Glasgow in 2021, produced a veritable trove of climate promises and pledges to take action. As we know, promises are not reality.

Over 30,000 attendees and some 200 countries officially participated in each of the U.N. climate summits, and thousands, even millions more from around the globe participated remotely via news organizations, the Internet, thru NGOs, church and community groups. Individual communications are uncountable but waves and even floods of wishes and sentiments expressed the critical need to look to the future. The message?  Prepare, take action, consider what we can do and should do to protect life, the lives of today’s generation and tomorrow’s generations.

Yet, the war by Russia and resurgence of ‘hard power’ in the form of petropolitics (old and gas dependency on Russian exports to Europe, and China). A shift is happening, a resurgent and profitable fossil fuel energy sector is on the rise. Oil/gas politics, pipelines across Eurasia, the liquified natural gas (LNG) pipelines Nord 1 and 2 from Russia to Europe are headlined and quantify oil/gas dependence, even as renewable alternatives are held at bay. Increasing gas prices are disrupting markets, leading to inflation, impacting consumers, lifestyles and threatening energy, heating and cooling disruptions.

Countries are rushing to expand NATO with military deployments, with new weapons systems, and advanced ‘solutions’, including next generation nuclear, tactical (i.e., ‘low-yield’ and ‘usable’ nuclear weapons), bringing no real security, but breaking arms agreements and arms control treaties potential for limiting nuclear weapons.

A stark consequence of decisions now being developed, funded, deployed and the multi-nation ratcheting up of these weapons of mass destruction is a process of bequeathing future generation a perilous nuclear arsenal prone to miscalculation, mistake, or worse.

The nuclear threat and climate threat are existential threats. We need to recognize how we are taking our eyes off these threats even as our generation has an intergenerational, solemn obligation to face the facts and not look away from these threats. They cannot and should not be ignored.

Climate change/global climate disruptions are real and now and must be addressed. Climate plans, the pledges and promises made, cannot and should not go unenforced. Enforcement of climate pledges and promises is a necessity at this moment in history.

Strategic Demands and GreenPolicy360, again, emphasize the need to keep our eyes focused intently on the vital goals all communities and nations must face together. We must not look away. The danger is clear and present.