Will Russia Lose the War? If So, then What?

On occasion an academic comes along and cuts thru the jargon to offer clear insight where most experts are running along usual tracks. In the case of explaining Russia’s war against Ukraine, here is an academic who cuts thru the jargon to explain what’s happened to Russia as its president ordered war. If Russia loses, then what?


A One-Month Thread

from Kamil Galeev, Russian expert/Academic/Activist

Kamil Galeev formerly of the Wilson Center


Feb 28 … https://twitter.com/kamilkazani/status/1498377757536968711

1. ‘Why Russia will lose this war’ – https://twitter.com/kamilkazani/status/1498378530987646978

36 posts later … today March 27 is the 37th post in the Russia war thread …

37. How sanctions are killing Russia – https://twitter.com/kamilkazani/status/1507819508609679364
Kamil Galeev on Twitter




One Big Problem is that any political disruption in the Russian Federation will bring on active risks with the 4000 or so deployed and on-alert nukes throughout the regional govs of the Federation. The ‘what if’ question looms …

What will happen to Russian nuclear weapons as political gov and command/control systems begin to waver…. what if command and control system begin to break down ??

The proliferation of Russian nuclear weapons, and threats to use them, brings an ominous, and generational, threat to regional and global security….


Russia will rely more on nukes


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