Quick Look at the ToC of StratDem’s Associate, GreenPolicy360

Since the social media app TikTok is in the news, let’s talk about our associate, GreenPolicy360’s TocToc. Why not? It’s a Table of Contents, a ToC-a-Lot, and GreenPolicy360 has tens of millions of users globally who’re visiting, using and sharing the Green360-StratDem network



View a Blue-Green360 world.

The GreenPolicy360-Strategic Demands network is causing waves, blue-green waves, community-to-community, nation-to-nation.

We are Greening Our Blue Planet and as a worldwide movement we’re Going Green

* https://www.greenpolicy360.net/w/New_Definitions_of_National_Security
* https://strategicdemands.com/new-definitions-of-security/


GreenPolicy360 ToC