Month: June 2024

Money & the MIC

Reminiscent of the Dwight D Eisenhower final speech in office as he left the U.S. presidency warning of the influence and power of the military industrial complex (MIC)…. Today, the grave warning resonates and reverberates with war spending and ‘hard power’ U.S. global policies   Quincy Institute

Throwing down the gauntlet (or Walking the gauntlet)

How should this week’s G7 meeting in Italy be seen? The messages agreed upon and sent to absent Russia and China are forceful. The war in Ukraine, the war in Gaza-Israel, the rising conflicts with China loom with generational consequences. How should these G7 communiqué-warnings sent by ‘the West’ to ‘the East’ be seen?

UN Chief Talks of Earth Temperature Trend as a ‘Highway to Hell’

Strategic Demands associate, GreenPolicy360, points at the United Nations with its whole world concerns about climate change and the future. StratDem talks of the need for ‘New Definitions of Security’, local/national/global. Doctors of Science say: Time to monitor vital signs & temperature