Month: October 2014

WarTimes – Wk of Oct 27

A week that was… Iran and P5+1 nuclear talks, world oil prices continue to fall, Putin talks Russian policy, Mideast politics, a flare up of words between the U.S. and Israel against backdrop of U.S. Congressional elections, Palestinian recognition, regional war update, petropolitics, China, energy policies, costs and alternatives, digital rights, and the Pope speaks […]

“Ground Truth”

As the U.S. and other national space agencies have initiated a range of contemporaneous Earth Science programs to monitor the State of the Earth, a new field of security study is developing integrally connected to national defenses and sustainable security. NASA has labeled a number of its programs as focusing on Earth’s “vital signs” and […]


CITIZENFOUR February 22, 2015 Citizenfour wins Oscar at the Academy Awards Acceptance Speech Why Citizenfour deserved its Oscar / New Yorker Feb 23, 2015 – Reddit AMA / Citizenfour–Snowden-Greenwald-Poitras -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- October 2014 “Most people think… it won’t happen to me… and I have nothing to hide… It’s always the same argument.” Premiere Oct 10 Trailer […]

Cyber Futures — Into the Cloud

Strategic Demands weekly series focusing on growth of the global Internet and the repercussions and consequences of surveillance state operations … StratDem looks at the Deep Net and myriad Intranets, the Mobile/Wireless Net, the tools/devices connecting to the Net, all impacted by ubiquitous surveillance, and we consider the Digital Rights and Open Data movement.