Month: June 2017

Tomorrow … May We See Your Digital ID?

Strategic Demands looks at the issue of data, how data boomed as a government industry in the U.S. after 9/11, how the private sector provided unprecedented data intelligence to the government, exponentially expanding an already vast, deep security state. The future promises more big government/big data, Orwellian 2.0, trending digital ID’s for all

The Trump Doctrine

As a military band plays Gershwin in the Rose Garden at the White House, the US president walks off stage after announcing he has decided to abandon the international climate agreement. A legacy is established, a message sent to the world, the US under the current president explicitly does not believe in a “global community”

June 1, 2017

The Consequences Start Now / June 1   From Strategic Demands’ associate, GreenPolicy360, a scan of international reactions to the U.S. president’s decision to reject the global climate agreement as he speaks of climate change as “a hoax” and moves to cut off pro-active measures to build a global effort confronting global threats