Month: November 2015

Gas ‘n Oil, Syria, Russia, Turkey, NATO/EU and US

It is a volatile, dangerous mix. The money, weapons and foreign fighters that have flowed into Syria are part of a bigger story of religion and gas/oil supplies, of pipelines through a secular or new religious Syria… it’s about secular Russia versus Salafi-Wahhabism and the House of Saud and its allies. It’s about petrodollars and […]

Diversion, danger, and a deepening security crisis

Asymmetric war is not a modern phenomena. Throughout history tactics and strategies intended to drain the more powerful have been deployed. As a conflict extends, costs rise for the powerful. ‘Other’ threats are set aside. Provocations divert attention and now in our time we are presented with a threat far greater than asymmetric threats of Mujahideen-Jihad(ism)