Month: September 2014

Calculus of War – Airstrikes and Recruitment

The consequences of tactical warfare rarely (if ever) take into account the “blowback”, the mid- and long-term consequences of war. Preponderance of power can deliver shock and awe, devastation, body counts — but collateral damage, the struggle for hearts and minds, the wages of political war are not considered as the drums of war beat […]

Democracy in HK — and US/China relationship

#OccupyCentral? It seems the U.S. Occupy has been exported to China. The Chinese government reacts by banning Instagram (having already banned Twitter, Facebook, Google, et al.) StratDem: In the mid- and long-term, the technology of open data and social media is delivering a global political challenge. All governments now face a tech-enabled open gov movement […]

Blogiverse site that vacuums up security intel

The online universe, of course, has multiple trillions of points of data circulating for observation and use, or ignored and archived. Occasionally, a few ‘bloggers’ stand out amidst the billions of posts, the hundreds of thousands of billions of pixels, and the petaloads of mined data being sifted for hooks. Here we have an example […]

Debate It

The President’s speech — and new U.S. war policy — goes into the history books September 10, 2014. Should this new war be formally debated? Does the Constitution require a Congressional debate, action and distinct resolution? Isn’t it time to revise the 2001 “Authorization for Use of Military Force”, as the National Security Network urges?