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Strategic Demands Editor, Steven Schmidt

Strategic Demands was established to develop “New Definitions of National Security”. Our goal is bringing together independent perspectives, to reach out and go beyond conventional thinking, to expand the national and global security debate.


Look at how thin our Atmosphere Is


Origins of

The foundations of Strategic Demands reach back into decades of work and writing. Many have contributed, literally going back to the 1960s. We especially would point to Roger Morris who joined our ‘Global Policy’ work and with Steven Schmidt co-wrote what became an essential founding policy document Strategic Demands of the 21st Century: A New Vision for a New World.


The Policy Brief, Number One offered both criticism of failed policies of war and presented a new vision of national — and global — security focusing on and acting with energy to face rising existential threats.

Bios — Roger Morris & Steven Schmidt


Since our original StratDem policy brief, and accompanying Washington DC ‘Surviving Victory’ conference, we have continued to assess the deep costs of war that fail to deliver promised security and we have tapped into solutions to new, industrialization-produced threats, beginning with scientific evidence and realizations in the 1970s that the global climate is changing. Global warming and all its consequences were now on the radar. We (yes, we are that old) began working along with NASA and we began to initiatate an array of ‘Big Science’ missions launching decades of Earth Science and green activism.


In association with GreenPolicy360, Strategic Demands has become an out-in-front voice challenging failed wars and national security policies, and advocating environmental protection and environmental security. We are continuing a movement against nuclear weapons as we advocate for eco-sanity to bring about real-world security.

Real-world security looks to join together national and international security. A “whole earth perspective” speaks of an internet-connected world with 24/7/365 access to knowledge. A globally connected world speaks of potential that goes far beyond limited-vision nationalism, religious division, and rivalries responsible for centuries of war.

The view of Strategic Demands and GreenPolicy360 is that humanity is at a crossroads in the 21st century. Nations and communities must find new connections, shared common values, and begin to utilize new earth science, in part made possible by unprecedented scientific studies and research, to manage 360° change.

The NASA missions which began in the 1970’s are, in effect, a first generation of earth observation technology, studying earth’s life-enabling systems; monitoring environmental change and enabling management of critical policy decisions.


Your Strategic Demands editor qua GreenPolicy360 siterunner looks back to the years between 1968 and today, especially multiple initiatives with Congressman George E. Brown. Congressman Brown’s role in national security and ‘Big Science’ was historic. Strategic Demands editor-siterunner began to work with Congressman Brown before the first Earth Day and the work, as friends and colleagues, carried forward over 30 years … including through the establishment of the Environmental Protection Agency, development/planning/oversight of NASA Earth Science missions, the drafting of the first National Climate Act, and much more. George Brown from East Los Angeles was a ‘mover and shaker’ and acted with lasting effect as an earth science foundation was created to build on. Those of us involved in the work have shared the vision and have carried on as Planet Citizens over the decades.

Ours is a Generation Green and the mission is Going Green.