As US Congress returns from vacation

… the #IranDeal debate heats up in DC ….

Votes in support ….

Voices from the past ….

Republicans in both chambers are discussing the possibility of voting on Friday, Sept. 11, to put maximum political pressure on Democrats

On the record…


Obama secures 41 (42) votes in support of Iran deal


Against the backdrop of unprecedented lobbying, votes against another war support a non-proliferation policy and new direction in the Mid East

#IranDeal up-to-minute on TW

Update: Cantwell announces support for Iran deal, bringing Democratic total to 42… (68th U.S. Secretary of State Dept) (Deputy Assistant to the President and National Security Advisor to the Vice President) (

Dick Cheney –“wrong then, wrong now” / white-house-dick-cheney-is-still-wrong (Reporting on Washington, foreign policy & Middle East)


8 of 10 Jewish senators are voting for the Iran deal

W/ & now has 41 votes. opposed. Makes life complex (Washington correspondent for The Forward)

. backs one vote away from avoiding veto  —