Democracy in HK — and US/China relationship

#OccupyCentral? It seems the U.S. Occupy has been exported to China. The Chinese government reacts by banning Instagram (having already banned Twitter, Facebook, Google, et al.)

StratDem: In the mid- and long-term, the technology of open data and social media is delivering a global political challenge. All governments now face a tech-enabled open gov movement and the protections of digital rights are impossible to ban. The change that comes with a digital, connected world is a #NetReality.



U.S. “Asia Pivot


China's new President Xi Jinping
China’s new President Xi Jinping

China’s new President, Xi Jinping says he is a man with a dream he calls — “the New China.”

The world will soon see what’s next on his New China agenda — including the future of Hong Kong as a democratic territory…

What will China do about the protests?


Occupy Central HK

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September 29, 2014 – 9:30 EST US

Seen around the world via Instagram, Twitter, Google News, and myriad connections

9-29-2014 HK-Instagram


South China Morning Post – Social Media Designing for the ‘Umbrella Revolution’


Websites blocked in China

Blocked in China

Test if website is blocked

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9-28-2014 10-20-42 AM


 Above HK

One of the kids, Nero Chan, brought a drone (then he uploaded his video to Facebook — now it’s going global — Top Story/Yahoo News)


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