Announced End to US War in Afghanistan

(Update – Signing of agreement on Feb. 29, 2020 – Additional details to follow) The news of on again, off again talks and meetings between Afghan Taliban forces and the US seems to signal the latest truce will be followed by an agreement for US withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan. The war operation began with a US invasion in October 2001


U.S. Signs Peace Deal With Taliban After Nearly 2 Decades Of War In Afghanistan

February 29, 2020

(News Services / NPR)





The War

It is now February 17,  2020. The US war in Afghanistan has lasted nearly 20 years.

The costs are incalculable in blood and ongoing consequences.

No ‘victory’ is in sight and even with a withdrawal of US combat forces, the details have yet to be made public about US ‘advisory’ troops that will remain ‘in theater’ and continue US military presence in Afghanistan.


The News

In the US, amid the latest daily political crises, what is being spoken of as an ‘end to the US war in Afghanistan’ has already come and gone.

Your Strategic Demands editor read the latest breaking news of the ‘end to the Afghanistan war’ on Page 12 of the Times.

And ‘so it goes’, as Linda Ellerbee might have said at the end of her daily news show.

Or, as another once said, ‘not with a bang, but a whimper’…