Implementation Day

TW … #ImplementationDay, it’s now time for all—especially Muslim nations—to join hands and rid the world of violent extremism. Iran is ready.

— Javad Zarif (@JZarif) January 16, 2016

… Breaking News: (BBC) Four US Prisoners Freed in Iran

U.N. says Iran has met terms of landmark nuclear deal

“It is an important day for the international community,” said Yukiya Amano, head of the International Atomic Energy Agency, the U.N.’s nuclear watchdog. “I congratulate all those who helped make it a reality,” he added, citing the six nations that worked out the deal with Iran, including the U.S.

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As Iranian foreign minister Zarif arrived in Vienna for the IAEA announcement on the P5+1 nuclear agreement, the question asked is to what extent will the Iranians and the nations who’ve agreed to the joint agreement/JCPOA terms continue to meet the conditions going forward… the steps taken today in Vienna are part of a multi-year series of steps toward full implementation.

Minister Zarif is expressing public confidence:

“This is a good day for the Iranian people . . . and for the world,” he told Iranian media. “What is going to happen today is proof . . . that major problems in the world could be tackled through dialogue, not threats, pressures and sanctions.”

Steps to be taken before Implementation

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Saturday, January 16

Washington Post / Iran reentered the global economy Saturday, as years of crippling international sanctions were lifted in exchange for the verified disabling of much of its nuclear infrastructure.

“Today marks the start of a safer world,” said Secretary of State John F. Kerry. “We understand this marker alone will not wipe away all the concerns the world has rightly expressed about Iran’s policies in the region. But we also know there isn’t a challenge in the entire region that wouldn’t become much more complicated, much worse, if Iran had a nuclear weapon.”

CNN / Zarif’s statement to Iranian journalists:

“Immediately after the release of the report by the IAEA verifying Iran’s implementation, we will have the Implementation Day…” he told Iranian reporters.

“I believe it’s not just an important day for economic activities in Iran. It is going to open the possibilities in Iran for economic engagement,” Zarif said. “What is more important is that it’s an extremely important day for diplomacy. Today is the day where we prove to the world that threats, sanctions, intimidation and pressure don’t work. Respect works. Through respect, through dialogue, we can reach mutually accepted agreements.”

NYT / Top U.S., Iranian Envoys Eye End of Sanctions Against Iran

RT /  Western-imposed sanctions against Tehran to be lifted Saturday – Iranian FM

Bloomberg / Iranian Currency and Stocks Gain as Sanctions Relief Loom

(Ed. as world oil prices drop further in anticipation of Iran’s oil production coming on to the world market)

WSJ / Oil Prices Tumble Below $30 Barrel

OilPrice / Oil Prices Plunge 5% As Traders Fear A Wave Of Iranian Oil