“Not a trivial matter”

As the US Congress continues to act in unprecedented ways, a push back gathers force on multiple fronts. Senator Tom Cotton from Arkansas, a Senator for two months, takes a lead position in a Republican “letter” to Iran.  Reactions last week and this week continue to produce unprecedented headlines

Consequential actions and reactions

A quick review from across the mediasphere illustrates the risks of over-reach as right wing politics in the US House of Representatives begins to play out after the mid-term election, pushing agendas to confront the President in unprecedented ways and means. An invitation to the Israeli prime minister without notification to the White House is followed by another extreme measure. US Senate Republicans take an unprecedented action in sending an “open letter” to Iran, characterized widely as bordering on extremist in its politics and a ‘call to war’ as US/P5+1/Iran negotiations are undercut. Reactions in the US and among US allies hit back with historic headlines…



Snapshot — quick survey of ‘push back’ as the US Congress continues to ramp up attacks on the US President


Senate GOP’s Iran letter draws unfavorable editorials / McClatchy Washington
Newspaper editorial pages around the country have not been kind to Senate Republicans this week

Ian Bremmer (@ianbremmer)
3/11/15 Senate GOP letter to Iran: Historically unprecedented – Congress weakens the US

Republican Senators ‘Go Nuclear / LA Times

GOP letter characterized as “GOP hated Obama more than they love America

Congress weakens the US by playing politics abroad

Americans view Netanyahu less positive after the Israeli prime minister’s speech to the US Congress

Think Defense / Senate Letter Derided Coast-to-Coast

Senator Sanders talks sabotage

Business Insider talks dangerous politics

Cotton “Mutinous” / Via the Washington Post

Slate talks about Senator Cotton as a new voice of the South

Vox discusses Republican foreign policy ‘sabotage’

Republican senators’ open letter to Iran sparks fierce Twitter spat

Iran letter blowback startles GOP / Via Politico

John McCain: “It was kind of a very rapid process. Everybody was looking forward to getting out of town because of the snowstorm.”

McCain: “I sign lots of letters”

Politico reports on Rubio v Kerry

and “Top Trending Topic” this week on US social media — #47Traitors

“Petition to charge 47 Senators for treason is fastest growing petition in WH history”


Over 200K in two days… 4 petitions

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