“Nothing will stop us” — says Benjamin Netanyahu

Reports of 29,000+ bombs and tens of thousands of artillery and tank shells dropped on the Gaza enclave with resulting vast devastation and profound humanitarian crisis… The head of the Israeli military, the nation’s Prime Minister, promises not to stop until ‘victory’ is achieved. But is ‘victory’ attainable?



Questions Across the Region and World of Israel’s War in Gaza


Israel is confronting some of the fiercest worldwide blowback in decades. It faces outrage over its relentless bombardment and ground attacks in Gaza, which have killed more than 18,000 Palestinians, about two-thirds of them women and children, and set off a far-reaching humanitarian crisis. Hunger and disease stalk the devastated and blockaded enclave; 4 in every 5 of its 2.3 million people are displaced…


Is the ‘collective punishment’ of Gaza accomplishing the strategic goals of Israel’s war? At what cost?

Beyond the people of Israel, what do the people of the world think of the war? What of generational hate, ‘antisemitism’, bitterness, ‘blowback’? What of the consequences of this war, the reverberations? Are retributions being calculated?

What of provocations to come? What of lost opportunities (Mideast peace)? What of escalations, a weapons race that is resulting across the region?

The real costs, the lasting costs, the hard costs of the war must be looked at and acknowledged — the costs of war are deep.

A question of questions must now be asked, and answered — “What of a road toward peace?” Where is a road not planned and put in place by extreme actors. How can this path be put in place? Beginning by accepting an on-the-ground reality that building roads, paths, toward real peace is a challenge of challenges…


December 14, 2023

Today, news headlines worldwide are reporting devastation and death in Gaza and promises of “victory” by the Prime Minister of Israel’s government —








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