Oversight of the US Nuclear Arsenal

Questions of command and control are circulating. The former US Director of National Intelligence goes on record to worry about the President’s access to nuclear codes. Erratic decisions, speeches, and behavior of the US Commander in Chief are continuing to produce concern as the public and international community react



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August 24, 2017

8:50 PM EST

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James Clapper questions Trump’s fitness for office – CNN Politics

“In a fit of pique he decides to do something about Kim Jong Un, there’s actually very little to stop him. The whole system is built to ensure rapid response if necessary. So there’s very little in the way of controls over exercising a nuclear option, which is pretty damn scary.”


James Clapper questions Trump’s fitness, worries about his access to nuclear codes

Washington Post


Former Intel chief James Clapper on Trump speech: ‘I just find this extremely disturbing’


Rep. Andre Carson: Trump’s ‘erratic behavior’ should be a concern

Indianapolis Star


Trump tweets cryptically about James Clapper

CBS News

Trump Tweet-Dares Clapper to Release “Beautiful Letter” That Was, in Fact, a Form Letter

Slate Magazine

This Former Intelligence Official Questioned Trump’s Fitness for Office. So Trump Tweeted at Him

Yahoo News

Trump Fires Back at Clapper for Questioning His Fitness for Office


James Clapper Reveals Contents Of Letter To Donald Trump About Which POTUS Nastily Tweeted

Yahoo News

Clapper Explains the ‘Beautiful Letter’ He Sent Trump

Daily Beast

Kellyanne Conway slams Clapper’s ‘absurd analysis’ on Trump ‘fitness’ for office

Fox News

Clapper Explains the ‘Beautiful Letter’ Trump Tweeted He Sent Him


Trump Hits Back At James Clapper, Who Questioned POTUS’ Fitness For Office

The Daily Caller

Donald Trump attacks James Clapper after former Intel Chief says he was unfit to be President

The Independent

Trump lashes out at former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper after he issued his harshest rebuke of the …

Business Insider

Trump lashes out at former intelligence chief Clapper after he questions president’s ‘fitness’


Donald Trump Threatens James Clapper Over the Possibility of “Beautiful” Letter

Mother Jones

Trump blasts Clapper, who questioned his fitness for office


Trump Lashes Out at Clapper for Questioning His ‘Fitness’ for Presidency

Daily Beast

Trump rips Clapper, who questioned his fitness for office

The Hill

Trump attacks ‘lying’ Clapper who called his Phoenix speech ‘disturbing’


Donald Trump Ridicules ‘Lying’ James Clapper

Breitbart News

‘Lying to Congress’: Trump lashes out at former spymaster over CNN comments


President Trump slams Clapper, McConnell, Ryan in a string of tweets

Washington Times

‘Jekyll-Hyde’ Trump Tweaks ‘Lying’ Clapper


White House panics over widespread questions about Trump’s “fitness for office”

Shareblue Media

Trump lashes out at James Clapper

Washington Examiner

Trump blasts former intel chief for questioning his fitness for office

New York Post

Read This From a Teleprompter: Donald Trump Is Unfit to Serve


Trump rage-tweets at ‘lying’ ex-DNI Clapper for questioning his mental stability

Raw Story

James Clapper Admits He’s Terrified Trump Has Access to the Nuclear Codes

Hi-tech Beacon

Watch: Eye-Roll King Anderson Cooper Rips ‘Lying’ Trump’s Phoenix Rally Speech in Sarcastic CNN Segment

Yahoo News UK

President Trump suggests former intel chief James Clapper wrote him a ‘beautiful letter’


Trump’s Fitness to Serve Questionable – Ex-US Intel Boss

Center for Research on Globalization

Trump lashes out at former National Intelligence Director, Clapper


Clapper: Trump’s speech was “scary and disturbing”


Trump Takes Aim at the Press, With a Flamethrower

New York Times

James Clapper questions Trump’s fitness, worries about his access to nuclear codes

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

Three personas in three speeches, but the same president

Chicago Tribune

James Clapper: Concerned by ‘Jekyll-Hyde’ Trump pattern


Donald Trump’s behaviour ‘downright disturbing’, says former intelligence director

The Week UK

Clapper: Trump sounds like Jekyll and Hyde in different speeches

The Hill

Media lets loose its fury after Trump attacks

The Hill

Hannity Praises Trump’s Media Attacks at Phoenix Rally: ‘Yeah, CNN Sucks’


Anderson Cooper Slams Trump’s Rally Speech: ‘Last Night, What We Saw Was All About Him’


CNN Obsessed With Donald Trump’s Fitness [VIDEO]

The Daily Caller

Gregg Jarrett: President Trump vs. Crooks, Liars and the Liberal Media

Fox News

Can Anyone Stop Trump From Launching Nuclear Weapons?

Mother Jones

Cooper eviscerates Trump: ‘World’s biggest victim — trapped in the body of world’s most powerful man’

Raw Story

Ex-top US intel official: Trump’s access to nuke codes ‘pretty damn scary’

The Times of Israel

Former DNI worries about Trump’s fitness, access to nuclear codes


Clapper: ‘How Much Longer Does the Country Have to… Endure This Nightmare?’

PJ Media

Former Intel Chief, Air Force General Doubts Trump’s ‘Fitness’ as CIC


Clapper: I’m Concerned by This ‘Jekyll-Hyde Business’ Between Different Trump Speeches


CNN’s Don Lemon gave a scathing rebuke of Trump’s Phoenix speech


Clapper fears Trump’s access to nuclear codes after Arizona rally

CBS News

James Clapper Rips Trump’s “Downright Scary” Phoenix Speech, Questions Fitness for Office

Mother Jones

Trump’s Primal Whine

U.S. News & World Report

Clapper questions Trump’s fitness for office after Phoenix rally


Donald Trump’s access to nuclear codes is ‘pretty damn scary’

Irish Times

‘Very little’ in Trump’s way if he orders nuclear attack

Press TV

‘DOWNRIGHT SCARY AND DISTURBING’: James Clapper questions if Trump is ‘looking for a way out’

Yahoo Finance

Here’s how reporters are responding to Trump’s new amped-up attacks


Clapper questions Trump’s fitness for office

The Hill

Trump attacked CNN, CNN hit back: Infantile insults

Yahoo News Canada

‘I worry about the access to the nuclear codes.’ Obama’s last national intelligence head says he questions Trump’s …

Daily Mail

A little scary, a lot misleading

Baltimore Sun

Former RNC Chief of Staff Warns Don Lemon, CNN Panel to Use Caution in Calling Trump ‘Insane’

Independent Journal Review

‘Extremely Disturbing’: Clapper Questions Trump’s Fitness for Office After Rally

Fox News Insider

Former national intelligence director questions Trump’s fitness for office

Hi-tech Beacon

NBC Aghast at Trump’s ‘Tirade’; Might Be ‘Threat to National Security’


Former intel boss questions Trump’s ‘fitness to be in office,’ suggests he’s ‘looking for a way out’


Clapper questions Trump’s fitness for office | Trump’s approval rating hits new post-Charlottesville low in poll


CNN: Trump ‘Trying To Ignite A Civil War’

Western Journalism

Former Intelligence Chief James Clapper’s Dark Warning About Donald Trump


James Clapper slams Trump’s Arizona speech, calls it ‘disturbing’

The Daily Dot

Questions about Trump’s mental health are spilling into the open. Let’s be careful.

New Zealand Herald

Don Lemon Holds Nothing Back in Rant Blasting Trump’s ‘Embarrassing’ Phoenix Rally


Ex-US intelligence chief James Clapper questions Donald Trump’s fitness for office after Phoenix speech

Evening Standard

This CNN anchor’s impassioned live response to President Trump’s ‘unhinged’ speech is a must-watch


James Clapper, former DNI chief, questions Trump’s fitness for office

Washington Times

James Clapper: I Question Trump’s Fitness For Office, Wonder If He Is “Looking For A Way Out”


Trump Has Clapper Worried About Nukes; 2 Reactions


James Clapper questions Trump’s mental fitness for office after ‘scary and disturbing’ Arizona speech

Raw Story

Former Director of National Intelligence Says He Worries About Trump’s ‘Access to Nuclear Codes’


Donald Trump’s ‘fitness’ to be president openly questioned


Trump Delivers Divisive Speech Devoid Of Facts In Phoenix

News One

James Clapper calls Trump speech ‘downright scary and disturbing’


James Clapper: Trump’s access to nuclear codes is ‘pretty damn scary’

Washington Examiner

Fmr DNI Clapper: I Question Trump’s Fitness for Office – ‘He Certainly Could Be’ a National Security Threat

Breitbart News

Trump pleases supporters, raises eyebrows


CNN’s Don Lemon: Trump “is clearly trying to ignite a civil war in this country”

Media Matters for America

Top Arizona Republicans won’t attend Trump’s rally


James Clapper Questions Trump’s ‘Fitness’ For Office: ‘I Just Find This Extremely Disturbing’


Trump’s Phoenix speech “downright scary and disturbing,” says Clapper


GOP strategist goes there after Trump’s speech, says he “obviously is mentally unstable”

Shareblue Media

Former Intel Chief Says Unfit Trump Is Looking For A Way Out Of The Presidency


Former DNI Chief Clapper Questions Trump’s ‘Fitness’ to Be President

Daily Beast

Clapper: Trump With Nuclear Codes ‘Is Pretty Damn Scary’


Former Director of National Intelligence Questions Trump’s Fitness to Be President After Phoenix Speech

The New Civil Rights Movement

What Did James Clapper Say About Trump’s Phoenix Speech? He’s Questioning POTUS’ Fitness For Office


In a sobering interview, former intelligence director questions Donald Trump’s fitness for office

Daily Kos

“Without thought, without reason”: Don Lemon voices nation’s growing unease about Trump

Shareblue Media

Former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper questions Trump’s fitness for office

The Week Magazine


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