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Nuclear Threat Ratcheting Up — Hot Spot Ukraine War Flashpoint

October 2022 After Six+ Months of War in Ukraine — Conditions Are Going from Bad to Worse     StratDem Editor: Some would say it’s “Code Red” as the Russia-Ukraine war escalates on the ground and in strategic war rooms. Six plus months after the February 24, 2022 Russian ‘invasion’ into Ukraine, the war widens […]

Diversion, danger, and a deepening security crisis

Asymmetric war is not a modern phenomena. Throughout history tactics and strategies intended to drain the more powerful have been deployed. As a conflict extends, costs rise for the powerful. ‘Other’ threats are set aside. Provocations divert attention and now in our time we are presented with a threat far greater than asymmetric threats of Mujahideen-Jihad(ism)