Nuclear Threat Ratcheting Up — Hot Spot Ukraine War Flashpoint

October 2022

After Six+ Months of War in Ukraine — Conditions Are Going from Bad to Worse



StratDem Editor: Some would say it’s “Code Red” as the Russia-Ukraine war escalates on the ground and in strategic war rooms. Six plus months after the February 24, 2022 Russian ‘invasion’ into Ukraine, the war widens and threats of nuclear weapons continue to spiral.

No one should take these nuclear threats lightly. Nuclear weapons experts, ‘think tanks’, academics and varied politicians are pointing at nuclear use as a matter of course, as if nuclear weapon use — and the reciprocation that will follow — is now a ticking bomb.  When, why, how and under what authority will nuclear weapons be used is being ‘normalized’ as a topic of discussion in media outlets. This ‘how it could happen’ comes as Russian media reports increased threats and increased setbacks — and U.S. media reports a president warning of a “prospect of Armageddon’, comparing the present moment to the “Cuban Missile Crisis’ of some sixty years ago.

The Russian policy on nuclear use is being circulated, the U.S. policy on nuclear use, that has no prohibition on “first use”, is being discussed as a type of contingency planning.

The increased possibility of what is described as ‘miscalculation’, ‘mistake’, ‘disaster’, ‘catastrophe’, ‘apocalypse’ and ‘Armageddon’ are  now being examined in ways not seen since the Cuban Missile Crisis.

The worst moments of humanity’s near ‘end of times’, as some describe it with religious fervor, have returned.

We at Strategic Demands proposed numerous diplomatic solutions prior to the outbreak of war in Ukraine, addressing seemingly intractable issues such as expansion of NATO and its next-gen nuclear weapons toward Russia’s border and a perceived existential threat to the nation by current Russian leadership. A host of other perceived and real conflict nexus threats were being aired and address, when the hammer dropped, war commenced. Recriminations aside, now, as many predicted, dire consequences are rolling out with the most consequential of all being pushed publicly.

The internet today, October 11, delivered to StratDem the following. We share the message — ‘How close are we to nuclear ‘Armageddon’? — as another warning of an increasingly predictable outcome of this war.

Now what is needed are off-ramps, diplomatic solutions, ways to end this ‘hot’ war with potential to impact all nations, all people, all life on earth. Now we must take the overwhelming U.S. might and dominance and shift to sober intelligence.

Now what is needed is not a knee-jerk ‘ratcheting up’ of hostilities with a horrible story ending, but a ‘winding down’. The alternative is …. unthinkable.