Ex-President Donald Trump Arraigned in NY State Court: Pleads Not Guilty

The former US president pleaded not guilty today to 34 felony counts of falsifying business records.


The court appearance comes five days after a New York grand jury voted to indict Trump as part of multiple, years-long investigations.


Washington Post reporting live from New York City:

As Donald Trump was being arraigned in a Lower Manhattan courthouse, the scene at Trump Tower in Midtown had returned to normal. By Tuesday afternoon, there were few TV reporters and hardly any protesters outside the doors where Trump had emerged earlier in the day. Some people walked by and snapped selfies before moving on.


Donald Trump looked around the front of the courtroom. Once at the table, attorney Joe Tacopina showed him some papers. Tacopina and two of Trump’s other lawyers, Todd Blanche and Susan Necheles, had papers in front of them, while Boris Epshteyn was just sitting at the end with his hands crossed. Trump had no papers himself.

At 2:33 p.m., Justice Juan Merchan said, “All rise.” Trump adjusted his blazer as he stood.