‘The Iran Deal’ – Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action

500 French, British and German MPs write to US counterparts to support the JCPOA. Quote: “Together, let’s keep the JCPOA alive and protect the fruits of successful diplomacy.”


The Iran Deal Comes to an End

Bernie Sanders Present a Democratic Party Point of View / May 14, 2018:

Last week, Donald Trump made one of the most reckless moves of his presidency: withdrawing from the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), also known as the Iran nuclear agreement. With this decision, the president discarded years of hard work by our diplomats, who had obtained an extremely rigorous set of restrictions and inspections guaranteeing that Iran would not obtain a nuclear weapon. He also slammed the door on a once-promising possibility of detente between the US and Iran.

It’s important to understand that the JCPOA is not just an agreement between the US and Iran, but one negotiated alongside our partners in the P5+1 – the UK, France, China, Russia and Germany – and endorsed by the United Nations security council. Trump’s withdrawal further deepens tensions with our most important democratic allies, France, the UK and Germany, who all continue to support the agreement and have consistently said that it is in their own national security interests to see it upheld.

Trump also rejected the advice of his own top national security officials like the joint chiefs chairman, Gen Joseph Dunford, and defense secretary, James Mattis, both of whom have repeatedly stated that staying in the agreement is in the national security interests of the US. Nuclear non-proliferation and national security professionals around the world share that assessment. Just as he has done on the issue of climate change with his withdrawal from the Paris climate accord, Trump has chosen to ignore the overwhelming expert consensus and sided instead with a small ideological faction, with disastrous consequences for our global security.

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The Iran Deal — as the US Administration Decides


On May 12, president Donald Trump might decide to finally abandon the JCPOA, the deal between France, the UK, Germany, the United States, China, Russia and Iran regarding Teheran‘s nuclear program. Several hundred members of parliament of the three European signatory states, from all parts of the political spectrum, have decided to plead to the US congress to help keep this major diplomatic breakthrough alive. It is a pledge for transatlantic strength and a promise for further collaboration on the Iran issue and many other pressing challenges of international politics.



To the members of the United States Congress :

For more than a decade, we – Europeans, Americans, and the international community – have feared the imminent threat of a nuclear-armed Iran. To counter this threat and make the Middle-East a safer place, the international community came together, using the might of diplomatic negotiations and the force of sanctions, agreed upon by most of the major economic powers.

Then, after 13 years of joint diplomatic efforts, we reached a major breakthrough and signed the JCPOA . With that, we were able to impose unprecedented scrutiny on the Iranian nuclear program, dismantle most of their nuclear enrichment facilities, and drastically diminish the danger of a nuclear arms race. Not a drop of blood was spilt. Furthermore, these controls will not cease after the ten years of the JCPOA: Iran will continue to be subject to the strict controls prescribed by the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty, which will continue to limit enrichment.

The only reason why we were able to achieve this breakthrough is that we stood together. Together, Europeans and Americans, we have proven that a strong and united transatlantic partnership can bring about a coalition extending to Russia and China, endorsed by the international community.

This coalition is now at risk, as the US government moves towards abandoning the JCPOA without any evidence of Iran not fulfilling its obligations. The short term effect of this abandonment would be the end of controls on Iran‘s nuclear program, resulting in another source of devastating conflict in the Middle East and beyond. The long-term risk is even more serious: lasting damage to our credibility as international partners in negotiation, and more generally, to diplomacy as a tool to achieve peace and ensure security. Abandoning the deal would diminish the value of any promises or threats made by our countries. It would also diminish our capability to keep Iran nuclear-free after the expiration of the special provisions of the JCPOA. If we maintain our alliance now, we will be in the position to keep Iran’s nuclear aspirations in check in the long run.

Our credibility is all the more urgently needed when we look at the instability in many parts of the world today. With regards to Iran it is an essential ingredient in our much-needed efforts to curb the country’s aggressive regional and domestic policy. As much as we share the concerns expressed by many vis-à-vis this Iranian behavior, we are deeply convinced that these issues must be treated separately (as we are doing already) – and not within the context of the JCPOA.

It is the US’s and Europe’s interest to prevent nuclear proliferation in a volatile region and to maintain the transatlantic partnership as a reliable and credible driving force of world politics. We are open to dialogue on the best ways to tackle these challenges together. But let us be clear: if the deal breaks down, it will well-nigh be impossible to assemble another grand coalition built around sanctions against Iran. We must preserve what took us a decade to achieve and has proven to be effective.

Building coalitions and winning consensus is one of our main tasks as members of our respective Parliaments. We therefore urge you to stand by the coalition we have formed to keep Iran‘s nuclear threat at bay. This would not only be a powerful sign of the durability of our transatlantic partnership, but also a message to the Iranian people.

Together, let’s keep the JCPOA alive and protect the fruits of successful diplomacy.


British Signatories

Richard Bacon (Cons)
Hilary Benn (Lab)
Alan Brown (SNP)
Alex Sobel (Lab)
Andrew Mitchell (Cons)
Angus MacNeil (SNP)
Ann Clwyd (Lab)
Anna McMorrin (Lab)
Antoinette Sandbach (Cons)
Barry Sheerman (Lab)
Brendan O’Hara (SNP)
Carol Monaghan (SNP)
Caroline Flint (Lab)
Catherine West (Lab)
Chris Bryant (Lab)
Chris Law (SNP)
Clive Betts (Lab)
Daniel Zeichner (Lab)
David Drew (Lab)
George Howarth (Lab)
Geraint Davies (Lab)
Graham Jones (Lab)
Hannah Bardell (SNP)
Ian Lucas (Lab)
Ian Murray (SNP)
Jack Brererton (Cons)
Jeff Smith (Lab)
Jeremy Lefroy (Cons)
Jim Cunningham (Lab)
Jo Swinson (LibDem)
John Grogan (Lab)
John McNally (SNP)
Jonathan Edwards (Plaid Cymru)
Jonathan Lord (Cons)
Karen Buck (Lab)
Keith Vaz (Lab)
Kelvin Hopkins (Lab)
Madeleine Moon (Lab)
Marion Fellows (SNP)
Martin Docherty Hughes (SNP)
Martyn Day (SNP)
Mary Glindon (Lab)
Matt Western (Lab)
Mike Gapes (Lab)
Nic Dakin (Lab)
Nicholas Soames (Cons)
Patrick Grady (SNP)
Paul Blomfield (Lab)
Paul Flynn (Lab)
Phil Wilson (Lab)
Philippa Whitford (SNP)
Rachael Maskell (Lab)
Richard Burden (Lab)
Robert Jenrick (Cons)
Ruth Cadbury (Lab)
Ruth George (Lab)
Ruth Smeeth (Lab)
Sandy Martin (Lab)
Sarah Champion (Lab)
Sir David Amess (Cons)
Stephen Gethins (SNP)
Stephen Kinnock (Lab)
Stephen Timms (Lab)
Stuart Macdonald (SNP)
Tom Brake (LibDem)
Tommy Shephard (SNP)
Tony Lloyd (Lab)
Virendra Sharma (Lab)
Wera Hobhouse (LibDem)
Wes Streeting (Lab)


Signataires Français

Damien Abad (LR)
Caroline Abadi (LREM)
Bérangère Abba (LREM)
Damien Adam (LREM)
Lénaïck Adam (LREM)
Saïd Ahamada (LREM)
Éric Alauzet (LREM)
Ramlati Ali (LREM)
Aude Amadou (LREM)
Patrice Anato (LREM)
François André (Apparenté LREM)
Pieyre-Alexandre Anglade (LREM)
Jean-Philippe Ardouin (LREM)
Christophe Arend (LREM)
Gabriel Attal (LREM)
Laetitia Avia (LREM)
Florian Bachelier (LREM)
Delphine Bagarry (LREM)
Didier Baichère (LREM)
Géraldine Bannier (MoDem)
Frédéric Barbier (LREM)
Delphine Batho (NG)
Xavier Batut (LREM)
Sophie Beaudouin-Hubiere (LREM)
Belkhir Belhaddad (LREM)
Aurore Bergé (LREM)
Hervé Berville (LREM)
Grégory Besson-Moreau (LREM)
Barbara Bessot-Ballot (LREM)
Anne Blanc (LREM)
Christophe Blanchet (LREM)
Yves Blein (LREM)
Pascal Bois (LREM)
Phillippe Bolo (MoDem)
Bruno Bonnell (LREM)
Aude Bono-Vandorme (LREM)
Julien Borowczyk (LREM)
Éric Bothorel (LREM)
Florent Boudié (LREM)
Brigitte Bourguignon (LREM)
Bertrand Bouyx (LREM)
Pascale Boyer (LREM)
Jean-Jacques Bridey (LREM)
Blandine Brocard (LREM)
Vincent Bru (MoDem)
Anne Brugnera (LREM)
Danielle Brulebois (LREM)
Anne-France Brunet (LREM)
Stéphane Buchou (LREM)
Marie-George Buffet (GDR)
Carole Bureau-Bonnard (LREM)
Pierre Cabaré (LREM)
Céline Calvez (LREM)
Émilie Cariou (LREM)
Anne-Laure Cattelot (LREM)
Lionel Causse (LREM)
Danièle Cazarian (LREM)
Jean-René Cazeneuve (LREM)
Sébastien Cazenove (LREM)
Anthony Cellier (LREM)
Jean-François Cesarini (LREM)
Émilie Chalas (LREM)
Philippe Chalumeau (LREM)
Annie Chapelier (LREM)
Sylvie Charrière (LREM)
Fannette Charvier (LREM)
Philippe Chassaing (LREM)
Guillaume Chiche (LREM)
Paul Christophe (Agir)
Stéphane Claireaux (LREM)
Mireille Clapot (LREM)
Jean-Charles Clas-Roy (LREM)
Jean-Michel Clément (LREM)
Christine Cloarec (LREM)
Fabienne Colboc (LREM)
François Cormier Bouligeon (LREM)
Bérangère Couillard (LREM)
Michèle Crouzet (LREM)
Dominique Da Silva (LREM)
Olivier Damaisin (LREM)
Yves Daniel (LREM)
Dominique David (LREM)
Yolaine De Courson (LREM)
Célia De Lavergne (LREM)
Amélie De Montchalin (LREM)
François De Rugy (LREM)
Marielle De Sarnez (MoDem)
Jennifer De Terman (LREM)
Bernard Deflesselles (LR)
Typhanie Degois (LREM)
Marc Delatte (LREM)
Michel Delpon (LREM)
Stéphane Demilly (Agir)
Nicolas Démoulin (LREM)
Frédéric Descrozaille (LREM)
Pierre Dharréville (GDR)
Christophe Di Pompeo (LREM)
Benjamin Dirx (LREM)
Jean-Baptiste Djebbari (LREM)
Stéphanie Do (LREM)
Loïc Dombreval (LREM)
Jacqueline Dubois (LREM)
Christelle Dubos (LREM)
Coralie Dubost (LREM)
Nicole Dubré-Chirat (LREM)
Audrey Dufeu Schubert (LREM)
Françoise Dumas (LREM)
Frédérique Dumas (LREM)
Laurence Dumont (NG)
Stella Dupont (LREM)
Jean-François Eliaou (LREM)
Sophie Errante (LREM)
Nadia Essayan (MoDem)
Christophe Euzet (LREM)
Catherine Fabre (LREM)
Élise Fajgeles (LREM)
Michel Fanget (MoDem)
Olivier Faure (NG)
Valéria Faure-Muntian (LREM)
Jean-Michel Fauvergue (LREM)
Yannick Favennes (Agir)
Richard Ferrand (LREM)
Marc Fesneau (MoDem)
Jean-Marie Fiévet (LREM)
Agnès Firmin Le Bodo (Agir)
Philippe Folliot (LREM)
Emmanuelle Fontaine-Domeizel (LREM)
Pascale Fontenel-Personne (LREM)
Paula Forteza (LREM)
Alexandre Freschi (LREM)
Bruno Fuchs (MoDem)
Jean-Luc Fugit (LREM)
Olivier Gaillard (LREM)
Albane Gaillot (LREM)
Grégory Galbadon (LREM)
Paricia Gallerneau (MoDem)
Thomas Gassilloud (LREM)
Raphaël Gauvain (LREM)
Laurence Gayte (LREM)
Anne Genetet (LREM)
Annie Genevard (LR)
Raphaël Gérard (LREM)
Séverine Gipson (LREM)
Éric Girardin (LREM)
Joël Giraud (LREM)
Olga Givernet (LREM)
Valérie Gomez-Bassac (LREM)
Guillaume Gouffier-Cha (LREM)
Perrine Goulet (LREM)
Fabien Gouttefarde (LREM)
Carole Grandjean (LREM)
Florence Granjus (LREM)
Romain Grau (LREM)
Olivia Gregoire (LREM)
Émilie Guerel (LREM)
Stanislas Guerini (LREM)
Marie Guévenoux (LREM)
Nadia Hai (LREM)
Véronique Harer (LREM)
Brahim Hammouche (MoDem)
Yannick Haury (LREM)
Christine Hennion (LREM)
Pierre Henriet (LREM)
Michel Herbillon (LR)
Danièle Hérin (LREM)
Patrick Hetzel (LR)
Dimitri Houbron (LREM)
Sacha Houlié (LREM)
Philippe Huppé (LREM)
Christian Hutin (NG)
Monique Iborra (LREM)
Jean-Michel Jacques (LREM)
Caroline Janvier (LREM)
Christophe Jerretie (LREM)
François Jolivet (LREM)
Sandrine Josso (LREM)
Hubert Julien-Laferriere (LREM)
Catherine Kamowski (LREM)
Guillaume Kasbarian (LREM)
Stéphanie Kerbarh (LREM)
Yannick Kerlogot (LREM)
Loïc Kervran (LREM)
Fadila Khattabi (LREM)
Anissa Khedher (LREM)
Rodrigue Kokouendo (LREM)
Jacques Krabal (LREM)
Sonia Krimi (LREM)
Aina Kuric (LREM)
Daniel Labaronne (LREM)
Jean-Christophe Lagarde (Agir)
Jean-Luc Lagleize (MoDem)
Amal-Amélia Lakrafi (LREM)
Jérôme Lambert (NG)
François-Michel Lambert (LREM)
Anne-Christine Lang (LREM)
Mohad Laqhila (MoDem)
Frédérique Lardet (LREM)
Jean-Charles Larsonneur (LREM)
Phillippe Latombe (MoDem)
Michel Lauzzana (LREM)
Fiona Lazaar (LREM)
Gaël Le Bohec (LREM)
Sandrine Le Feur (LREM)
Didier Le Gac (LREM)
Gilles Le Gendre (LREM)
Annaïg Le Meyr (LREM)
Nicole Le Peih (LREM)
Fabrice Le Vigoureux (LREM)
Marie Lebec (LREM)
Jean-Claude Leclabart (LREM)
Sébastien Leclerc (LR)
Charlotte Lecocq (LREM)
Jean-Paul Lecoq (GDR)
Vincent Ledoux (Agir)
Martine Leguille-Balloy (LREM)
Christophe Lejeune (LREM)
Marion Lenne (LREM)
Maurice Leroy (Agir)
Roland Lescure (LREM)
Geneviève Levy (LR)
Monique Limon (LREM)
Richard Lioger (LREM)
Brigitte Liso (LREM)
Alexandra Louis (LREM)
Marie-Ange Magne (LREM)
Lise Magnier (Agir)
Sylvain Maillard (LREM)
Laurence Maillart-Méhaignerie (LREM)
Jacques Maire (LREM)
Jacqueline Maquet (LREM)
Jacques Marilossian (LREM)
Sandra Marsaud (LREM)
Didier Martin (LREM)
Denis Masséglia (LREM)
Fabien Matras (LREM)
Sereine Mauborgne (LREM)
Stéphane Mazars (LREM)
Jean-François Mbaye (LREM)
Graziella Melchior (LREM)
Ludovic Mendes (LREM)
Thomas Mesnier (LREM)
Sophie Mette (MoDem)
Marjolaine Meynier-Millefert (LREM)
Monica Michel (LREM)
Philippe Michel-Kleisbauer (MoDem)
Thierry Michels (LREM)
Bruno Millienne (MoDem)
Patricia Mirallès (LREM)
Jean-Michel Mis (LREM)
Sandrine Mörch (LREM)
Jean-Baptiste Moreau (LREM)
Cendra Motin (LREM)
Naïma Moutchou (LREM)
Cécile Muschotti (LREM)
Sébastien Nadot (LREM)
Mickaël Nogal (LREM)
Delphine O (LREM)
Claire O’Petit (LREM)
Valérie Oppelt (LREM)
Matthieu Orphelin (LREM)
Catherine Osson (LREM)
Xavier Paluszkiewicz (LREM)
Bertrand Pancher (Agir)
Sophie Panonacle (LREM)
Didier Paris (LREM)
Zivka Park (LREM)
Hervé Pellois (LREM)
Alain Perea (LREM)
Patrice Perrot (LREM)
Pierre Person (LREM)
Anne-Laurence Petel (LREM)
Maud Petit (MoDem)
Valérie Petit (LREM)
Michèle Peyron (LREM)
Damien Pichereau (LREM)
Laurent Pietraszewski (LREM)
Christine Pires-Beaune (NG)
Béatrice Piron (LREM)
Claire Pitollat (LREM)
Bérengère Poletti (LR)
Barbara Pompili (LREM)
Jean-Pierre Pont (LREM)
Jean-François Portarrieu (LREM)
Benoit Potterie (LREM)
Josy Poueyto (MoDem)
Éric Poulliat (LREM)
Natalia Pouzyreff (LREM)
Didier Quentin (LR)
Bruno Questel (LREM)
Valérie Rabault (NG)
Cathy Racon-Bouzon (LREM)
Pierre-Alain Raphan (LREM)
Isabelle Rauch (LREM)
Rémy Rebeyrotte (LREM)
Robin Reda (LR)
Jean-Luc Reitzer (LR)
Hugues Renson (LREM)
Frank Riester (Agir)
Cécile Rilhac (LREM)
Véronique Riotton (LREM)
Stéphanie Rist (LREM)
Marie-Pierre Rixain (LREM)
Mireille Robert (LREM)
Laëtitia Romeiro Dias (LREM)
Xavier Roseren (LREM)
Laurianne Rossi (LREM)
Gwendal Rouillard (LREM)
Cédric Roussel (LREM)
Thomas Rudigoz (LREM)
Pacôme Rupin (LREM)
Laurent Saint-Martin (LREM)
Laetitia Saint-Paul (LREM)
Nathalie Sarles (LREM)
Hervé Saulignac (NG)
Jacques Savatier (LREM)
Raphael Schellenberger (LR)
Jean-Bernard Sempastous (LREM)
Olivier Serva (LREM)
Benoit Simian (LREM)
Thierry Solère (LREM)
Denis Sor (LREM)
Bertrand Sorre (LREM)
Bruno Studer (LREM)
Sira Sylla (LREM)
Aurélien Taché (LREM)
Marie Tamarelle-Verhaeghe (LREM)
Buon Tan (LREM)
Liliana Tanguy (LREM)
Adrien Taquet (LREM)
Jean Terlier (LREM)
Stéphane Testé (LREM)
Vincent Thiébaut (LREM)
Agnès Thill (LREM)
Sabine Thillaye (LREM)
Valérie Thomas (LREM)
Alice Thourot (LREM)
Huguette Tiegna (LREM)
Jean-Louis Touraine (LREM)
Alain Tourret (LREM)
Élisabeth Toutut-Picard (LREM)
Nicole Trisse (LREM)
Stéphane Trompille (LREM)
Frédérique Tuffnell (LREM)
Nicolas Turquois (MoDem)
Alexandra Valetta Ardisson (LREM)
Boris Vallaud (NG)
Manuel Valls (Apparenté LREM)
Laurence Vanceunebrock-Mialon (LREM)
Olivier Véran (LREM)
Marie-Christine Verdier-Jouclas (LREM)
Michèle Victory (NG)
Annie Vidal (LREM)
Philippe Vigier (Agir)
Patrick Vignal (LREM)
Corinne Vignon (LREM)
Cédric Villani (LREM)
Guillaume Vuilletet (LREM)
Sylvain Waserman (MoDem)
Martine Wonner (LREM)
Hubert Wulfranc (GDR)
Hélène Zannier (LREM)
Jean-Marc Zulesi (LREM)


Deutsche Unterzeichner

Luise Amtsberg (Grüne)
Kerstin Andreae (Grüne)
Lisa Badum (Grüne)
Doris Barnett (SPD)
Margarete Bause (Grüne)
Danyal Bayaz (Grüne)
Heidrun Bluhm (Linke)
Agnieszka Brugger (Grüne)
Karl-Heinz Brunner (SPD)
Birke Bull (Linke)
Anna Christmann (Grüne)
Diether Dehm (Linke)
Ekin Deligöz (Grüne)
Katja Dörner (Grüne)
Harald Ebner (Grüne)
Yasmin Fahimi (SPD)
Fritz Felgentreu (SPD)
Dagmar Freitag (SPD)
Kai Gehring (Grüne)
Stefan Gelbhaar (Grüne)
Erhard Grundl (Grüne)
Gregor Gysi (Linke)
Anja Hajduk (Grüne)
Britta Haßelmann (Grüne)
Gabriela Heinrich (SPD)
Barbara Hendricks (SPD)
Bettina Hoffmann (Grüne)
Matthias Höhn (Linke)
Ottmar von Holtz (Grüne)
Dieter Janecek (Grüne)
Josip Juratovic (SPD)
Kirsten Kappert-Gonther (Grüne)
Kerstin Kassner (Linke)
Uwe Kekeritz (Grüne)
Katja Keul (Grüne)
Jutta Krellmann (Linke)
Oliver Krischer (Grüne)
Alexander Graf Lambsdorff (FDP)
Sven Lehmann (Grüne)
Stefan Liebich (Linke)
Tobias Lindner (Grüne)
Michael Link (FDP)
Thomas Lutze (Linke)
Christoph Matschie (SPD)
Irene Mihalic (Grüne)
Simtje Möller (SPD)
Claudia Müller (Grüne)
Konstantin von Notz (Grüne)
Thomas Oppermann (SPD)
Josephine Ortleb (SPD)
Aydan Özoğuz (SPD)
Filiz Polat (Grüne)
Daniela de Ridder (SPD)
Claudia Roth (Grüne)
Tabea Rößner (Grüne)
Manuel Sarrazin (Grüne)
Ulle Schauws (Grüne)
Maria Klein-Schmeink (Grüne)
Nils Schmid (SPD)
Frithjof Schmidt (Grüne)
Stefan Schmidt (Grüne)
Ulla Schmidt (SPD)
Johannes Schraps (SPD)
Kordula Schulz-Asche (Grüne)
Frank Schwabe (SPD)
Petra Sitte (Linke)
Evrim Sommer (Linke)
Marie-Agnes Strack-Zimmermann (FDP)
Wolfgang Strengmann-Kuhn (Grüne)
Margit Stumpp (Grüne)
Kirsten Tackmann (Linke)
Jürgen Trittin (Grüne)
Julia Verlinden (Grüne)
Daniela Wagner (Grüne)
Bärbel Kofler (SPD)