“A New Nuclear Arms Race”



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“We really are well into the first quarter of a new nuclear arms race,” Garamendi said during the Armed Services Committee hearing. “You will come to realize that over the next 20 to 25 years, we’ll be spending well over a trillion dollars on nuclear weapons systems. While we’re doing it, so are Russia and China. It’s an arms race, much like we saw in the ‘60s and ‘70s. And this one is particularly troublesome, because the weapons are far more sophisticated, the bombs are far more precise, and the delivery systems are too…

Just think about the implications.”


APRIL 29, 2015 / WASHINGTON, DC – ”Yesterday evening, during the House Armed Services Committee’s consideration of the FY2016 National Defense Authorization Act, H.R. 1735, Committee Member Congressman John Garamendi (D-Fairfield, CA) introduced and spoke in favor of a series of amendments that seek to better inform Congress about the costs and risks of America’s participation in a new nuclear arms race.”



NDAA NuclearAmendments_April 29,2015
http://bit.ly/1OLTo4i — NDAA NuclearAmendments_April 29,2015



As We Enter a Cold War 2.0

We are entering into “…a far more dangerous nuclear arms race…. modernizing… warheads, life extension… new delivery systems…”

“NNSA… modernization programs… nuclear warheads and platforms on which they will be deployed”


Count the ways we are delivering strategic insecurity, not professed national security:

  • “….. plutonium pits, new pits, 50 to 80 a year, new facilities, why? should the project be abandoned? let’s not proceed with ignorance… Why do we fear information? We will be spending over the next 20 years a trillion dollars…. ignorance is not good…”


“Approving without needed information…

  • “…..the life extension program of hundreds, thousands of nuclear bombs…
  • “….. new nuclear bombs and delivery systems
  • “…..new submarines
  • “…..new fighters
  • “…..new cruise missiles
  • “…..new ICBMs
  • “…..a new nuclear arms race…
  • “…..a twenty-five year program…
  • “…..a new nuclear ‘umbrella’… Europe…
  • “…..we really are into the first-quarter of a new nuclear arms race…
  • “…..you will come to realize we will be spending over a trillion dollars, so will Russia and China….. the old rules don’t apply
  • “…..think about what the implications are, the implications are dire…
  • “…..so pause for a moment…..




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