On a November Day

As the U.S. energy policy continues to focus on fossil fuels, we at Strategic Demands take a look at the data and consider crude oil proved reserves. It is an appropriate moment to consider the longer term, e.g., the longevity of the U.S. fracking upsurge… and consequences

It is a moment to consider the reign of the Petrodollar as challenges to the dollar internationally escalate.

The U.S. faces pushback and blowback to policies pressed by the U.S. president.

The business relationships and ties between the U.S. administration and oil producers, deep ties as with Saudi Arabia and strategic are beginning to become public.

Next up, strategic realignments among the nations accelerate. As in earlier eras, geopolitics will rise anew.



EIA Interactive Chart (Beta) / Crude Oil Proved Reserves

Countries by Proven Oil Reserves (Wikipedia)

Largest Oil Reserves by Country (World Atlas)




Fracking in the U.S.

How Long Will Production Numbers Last?




Shale-US biggest oil producer by fall 2018.png



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