Category: Environmental Security

A Time to Remember

As the new administration continues to form its upper echelon of appointees, it’s an appropriate time to recall a core mission in foreign and domestic policy — security as a highest goal. In this pursuit of ‘national security’, it is time to remember how security must be pursued in the 21st century

As the US Preps for a New President

At StratDem we look out at the security horizon and continue our attempt to develop “New Definitions of National Security” with an emphasis on bringing together “Environment Security with National Security”. Today we look at two key executive presidential actions in this regard, and a poll of American voters on likelihood of nuclear weapons use […]

Goldberg Interviews Obama

With perspective, given the history of Jeffrey Goldberg, the US President grants exceptional access with lengthy interviews and the result is the April issue of Atlantic, headlined “The Obama Doctrine“. It’s worth reading — and reflecting on how the President sees ‘existential threats’

Environmental Security

“Environmental Security” integral to “National Security”: This week we highlight the Synthesis Report of the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change and the recently published “This Changes Everything”, described by the NY Times as “the most momentous and contentious environmental book since ‘Silent Spring.’”

“Ground Truth”

As the U.S. and other national space agencies have initiated a range of contemporaneous Earth Science programs to monitor the State of the Earth, a new field of security study is developing integrally connected to national defenses and sustainable security. NASA has labeled a number of its programs as focusing on Earth’s “vital signs” and […]