25th International Climate Conference

COP25 has commenced in Madrid… Conference of the Parties, #COP25… the acronym doesn’t do the global Climate Crisis Conference justice as its goal is security of all nations. The multiplying threats of human-caused disruption and disaster are here. Strategic Demands and associate GreenPolicy360 again deliver the news

Twenty five years of UN meetings and efforts to ‘get the word out’, or in our case, forty plus years has added up. We, the team at Strategic Demands and GreenPolicy360, began our climate security work in earnest in the early 1970s alongside George E. Brown, US Congressman from East Los Angeles, who put forward the first National Climate Plan.



We were there in 1977-78 as friends of Representative Brown over the years and as a friend and supporter of his have continued to sound the alarm now for decades in our political efforts and policy advocacy.

It should be known more widely, although it isn’t, that the 1978 Climate Plan legislative package was preceded by a report on climate by the American Academy of Science and, when passed, the plan was immediately supported by President Jimmy Carter.

These climate science efforts were followed up upon by Brown and many supporters from California who advanced what became a foundation of environmental legislation in the 1970s and the Congressman went on to chair the House Science and Technology Committee and acted as a powerful voice in the environmental/earth science, earth science/NASA-NOAA-LANDSAT missions as a first-generation of essential scientific baseline data began to be gathered.

International energy corporations took notice and, without acknowledgement of the results of their research, initiated political action and blocking of governmental initiatives. Their overt and covert action are only now coming into general knowledge even as they’ve worked on multiple fronts to set aside the gathering climate threats.

In 1988 at a widely reported US Senate hearing, climate disruption came into international light and brought awareness with the testimony of James Hansen.

In the years that have followed the climate threat story has continued to grow across the international community — and voices of opposition have continued to deny and block the efforts of those sounding the warnings.

In December 2019, in Madrid, Spain, as some 25 thousands participants talk facts, figures and plans of action to deal with the coming storms, we at Strategic Demands/GreenPolicy360 say — godspeed.

It is time for action. It is far past the time of warnings and business as usual.

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