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Dems Re-Intro Bill to Prevent Nuclear First Use

Another legislative attempt to bring sanity into nuclear weapons policy. Being ‘on the brink’ of disaster is not rational policy. A new nuclear arms race is accelerating. Threats and chaos dominate U.S. foreign policy. Risks are multiplying and strategic opportunities lost in clicks of daily crisis. It is time to change course …  

America First Policy & International Criminal Court

“We will not cooperate” … “The ICC is dead to us” John Bolton threatens the International Criminal Court. In a tirade against the court, Mr. Bolton says: The ICC is a threat to “American sovereignty and US national security.” “If the court comes after us, Israel or other US allies, we will not sit quietly.” […]

US Nuclear Posture Review Released

The new Nuclear Posture Review signals a new nuclear arms race. Luck of the draw. “Do you feel lucky?” The question of generational, existential risk takes on new dimension as strategic arms experts ask deadly end game questions. Nuclear tensions are turning to nuclear threats, an international ramp up of nuclear weapons development, ‘usable’ nukes, […]

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